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We are constantly working on making our products better, The Orchestra Complete the flagship of the The Orchestra product family, has been updated to version 2.1. This update contains improvements and bug fixes, which makes working with it even smoother.

In this revolutionary all-in-one package the sound of a symphonic orchestra is at your fingertips. With the groundbreaking ensemble-engine we created a super easy way for you to convert your ideas into music.

Immediately playable. Completely customizable. Surprisingly simple.

What’s Included?
The Orchestra Complete 2 extends our entry-level instrument “The Orchestra” with more instruments, more presets and extended powerful features. Now including:

– Horns Of Hell

More than 65 expressive brass articulations and 120 incredible and powerful presets, including a full Organ library.

– Strings Of Winter

60 string articulations, two new ethnic string sections and all additional content from Strings Of Winter.

– Additional Presets and Multi-Instruments

More than 150 additional presets invite you to explore these additional sounds in conjunction with the full range of instruments that only “The Orchestra Complete 2” offers, bringing the total up to more than 475 playable orchestrations and patterns.

– Revised Preset Browser

One of the biggest new features in THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2 is the brand new Preset Browser. Explore the massive selection of presets with intuitive filters and categories. Finding the right preset for your mood or preferred style has never been easier.

– MIDI Export

The Orchestra Complete 2 comes with MIDI-Export. Patterns and arrangements generated by the engine can be exported onto separate MIDI Tracks, opening endless possibilities.

– More Requested Features
We also revisited the original ensemble engine, implementing smaller but highly-requested features like a switchable GUI and more MIDI controller assignment options.

Update 2.2:

Go Baroque or go home! It is impossible to complete the chamber orchestras of the 18th century without a Cembalo, or harpsichord. Make your own lively experiments and inventions with our quality recorded instrument. Rendered both as a single NKI and integrated into the ensemble engine.

Options for our choir continue to grow. Now you can add whispers and shouts to your compositions. 11 syllables are assigned to individual keyswitches and there is also a random mode to mix it up.

With an instrument like THE ORCHESTRA COMPLETE 2, the options for instrumentation are limitless. That’s why it’s sometimes good to start off somewhere solid with one of our new presets.

We’ve added 24 just for you. 5 more Orchestral Colors, 4 more Orchestral Rhythms, and 15 more Animated Orchestra presets are ready for your use and experimentation.

Kontakt Player 6.6.0 or higher required.

请使用 KONTAKT 6.6.0 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://www.bestservice.com/the_orchestra_complete.html

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