Wavelet Audio Cabal 8 Full KONTAKT

认识Cabal 8-新型吉他采样。

虚拟吉他乐器的新品种就在这里!为您的音乐带来8弦力量。 Cabal 8 具有大量的新鲜和尖端可能性,如下所述。

在连续创建Cabal 8一年半的时间里,Wavelet Audio实施了许多功能,可让您前所未有地灵活使用吉他。他们的乐器可方便地编写极其详细的MIDI声部以及实时进行快速草图绘制。 Cabal 8使您可以模仿吉他的实际演奏来制作强劲自然的八弦吉他声部!吉他适合各种风格的作品。不要只用音乐来限制自己。

Cabal 8包括Clean DI吉他和Cabal 8:Elements系列(高增益和紧缩)的两个库:

– Clean DI是干吉他信号;仔细编辑并准备进行处理。通过您的插件运行它以获得原始而强大的声音。
– Cabal 8:Elements-完全释放,变形和嘎吱嘎吱的吉他,可以从头开始快速,轻松地开始演奏。这是Ksay Mentor带有效果链的即用型签名声音。这些示例使您无需使用第三方工具或插件即可获得所需的结果。

Meet Cabal 8 – the new breed of guitar sampling.
The new breed of virtual guitar instruments is here! Bring 8-string power to your music. Cabal 8 features tons of fresh and cutting-edge possibilities detailed below.

For one and a half years of continuous creation of Cabal 8, Wavelet Audio have implemented many features that allow you to use the guitar flexibly as never before. Their instrument is convenient for writing extremely detailed MIDI parts, as well as for quick sketches in real-time. Cabal 8 enables you to create powerful and natural eight-string guitar parts that imitate actual guitar playing! The guitar is suitable for work in various styles. Don’t limit yourself with only hard music genres.


Cabal 8 includes Clean DI guitar and two libraries from Cabal 8: Elements series (Hi-Gain & Crunch):
– The Clean DI is a dry guitar signal; carefully edited and ready for processing. Run it through your plugins to get the original and powerful sound.
– Cabal 8: Elements – fully released, distorted and crunchy guitars to start the process quickly and easily right from scratch. It is Ksay Mentor’s ready-to-use signature sounds with his effect chains. These samples allow you to get the desired result without using third-party tools or plugins.

The unique algorithm of portamento slide. You can control all aspects of portamento: speed, starting and ending positions, what noises will be present.

Possibility to disable certain strings from the instrument. CABAL 8 will automatically reallocate the load to the remaining strings, if possible.

Smart Tuning
Possibility to tune each of the strings. That allows you to customize the instrument to any desired guitar tuning.

Possibility of detailed equalization. You can equalize the whole instrument or even a specific articulation of a separately selected string.

Keyswitch Mode
Keyswitch Mode, in which you can flexibly adjust the string selection for each note using velocity.

Possibility to configure articulations routing map, sending them to certain buses.

– Stylish, beautiful and intuitive UI for easier editing
– Flexible and adjustable guitar tuning (all strings)
– Adjustable pick, fret, scratch, and release noises
– Realistic vibrato and portamento algorithms
– Two modes: for real-time playing and for detailed midi parts
– True doubling
– Adjustable level control per string and articulation
– Possibility to equalize the whole instrument, or specific articulation of a separately selected string
– Possibility to configure articulations routing map
– Over 13500 hand-edited samples in 48 kHz / 24-bit.
– 6 primary articulations (Sustain, Palm Mute, Short Palm Mute, Harmonics, X-Note, Tappings) and 2 additional articulations (FX Sustain, FX Palm mute)
– Up / down picking
– 8 Round Robins per note
– 3 guitars: DI Clean, Hi-Gain and Crunch
– MIDI included

System Requirements
The FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher
8.52 GB of hard drive space (15,9 GB of original sample material).
Important Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher is required in order to use this software.

Home page:https://wavelet-audio.com/cabal8/
Videos & Demos:https://youtu.be/gKMTzY7u47Q

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