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  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module 大气合成器 2DVD 暂无演示

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module 大气合成器 2DVD

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  • Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module 大气合成器 2DVD插图

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module 大气合成器 2DVD


    这个堪称世界上最强大的合成音源是由着名的合成器设计大师Eric Persing所设计,包含超过1000个采样,3.9G的音色容量,可以转化为DXi在SONAR中使用。ATMOSPHERE合成器模块,强大的合成器超大容量的音色库。

    1000个预置参数均为award大奖得主Eric Persing所做
    开始支持Pro Tools的RTAS/HTDM插件格式
    dat文件放在硬盘任何位置都可以使用,也就是说不再需要Spectramove utility了
    Mac的VST版本修正了Cubase SX

    The world’s largest synth, now with syncable LFOs and loads of new sounds.
    The Spectrasonics Atmosphere Dream Synth Module is a massive plug-in synth produced by famed synth sound designer Eric Persing for Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo, and Pro Tools. Atmosphere gives you lush pads, ambient textures and tons of powerhouse synths, and interchangeable layers. A new type of software plug-in instrument, the Atmosphere – Dream Synth Module integrates a massive 3.7GB core library of more than one thousand unique sounds and layer elements with a powerful, intuitive interface for shaping new textures.

    Atmosphere was designed from the ground up by acclaimed synthesist Eric Persing, well known for his sound design of classic Roland synthesizers and award-winning sample libraries.
    Persing and his International team of sound designers developed the Atmosphere core library using over a hundred sound design devices and nearly every conceivable synthesis method including Granular, Additive, Wavetable, Wavescanning, Graintable, Neural Processing, Vintage Analog, Vector, Virtual Analog, FM, Plug-In manipulations, and unusual Acoustic sources as well. This custom core library gives Atmosphere its unprecedented variety of tonal textures, especially when compared to standard soft-synths.

    The range of sounds this instrument is capable of is astonishing, from lush ethereal pads to powerful leads, crystalline glass swells to dark brooding atonal clouds, unusual synth basses, evocative ambiences, deep drones, complex textures, vintage analog sounds, disturbing noise FX, europhasers, gorgeous ambient string ensembles, thick trance/techno sounds, wavetable sweeps, vocoded choirs, dense vocal washes, transparent evolutions, and shimmering prisms of harmonic convergence. Sounds this rich put even the best hardware synths to shame!

    Atmosphere can produce a broad scope of sounds, making it extremely versatile in a wide variety of musical situations, thanks to a massive, high resolution core wavetable completely dedicated to sound design elements (no stock pianos or oboes!).

    Eric explains the recent enhancements to the instrument since the introduction of the Atmosphere concept: “Our original design for Atmosphere was intended for producing evolving pads and rich ambient sounds. However, in the evolution of the development of Atmosphere, we have significantly expanded the range of the core library’s sonic palette and added new functions and capabilities to the interface, which now allow for a vast array of synth sounds and sound design, including unique leads and percussive sounds as well. We are very pleased to be releasing Atmosphere as a much more powerful synthesizer, capable of many inspiring and fresh sounds across the complete range of electronic music. It’s also gratifying that we’ve been able to include these new capabilities without making the interface more difficult to use. No matter how our instruments will be evolving over time, the cornerstone of our design philosophy will always be to make ‘powerfully simple’ instruments, that every user can get great results with.”

    The core library of a thousand powerful sounds is just the starting point for your own creations. The beauty of Atmosphere is in its “dual-layer” concept. You can immediately mix and match the layers of any of the 1,000 patches and tweak each layer fully independently. That’s over a million possible combinations! Each layer has its own multimode resonant filters, 4 LFOs, 3 envelopes and matrix modulation. There is also an additional master filter for quick tone shaping. The possibilities for creative manipulation are phenomenal . . . and yet it is so easy to use.

    3.7GB core library offers vast array of textures to explore
    1,000 patches by award-winning sound designer Eric Persing
    All new sounds
    Powerful interface and synthesis capabilities
    Dynamic layering of sounds for over 1,000,000 mix combinations
    Built-in patch management system
    Fully programmable
    Total recall with your sequence
    Multimode resonant Filters for each layer, plus Master Filters
    3 envelopes per layer for Pitch, Filter, and Amplitude
    Matrix-style modulation routing, four LFOs
    Powered by custom 32-bit UVI engine
    Cross-platform plug-in compatibility
    System recommendations:
    512 MB RAM, 3.9GB free hard disc space
    MAC: OS 9 or higher, 500mHz G3 or better CPU, MAS, RTAS, or VST 2.0 host
    NOT compatible with Intel-equipped Macs
    PC: Windows 98 or higher, 600mHz Pentium III or better CPU, sound card, VST 2.0 host
    CPU load: Moderate

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