8Dio Century Ostinato Strings Chapter II KONTAKT
Team DECiBEL | 09 Jun 2020 | 7.34GB

8Dio Century Ostinato Strings Chapter II KONTAKT
Team DECiBEL | 09 Jun 2020 | 7.34GB

8Dio Century管弦乐系列是最先进的超现实的管弦乐乐器的收集。世纪继续代表我们最重要的飞跃,以大厅为基础的管弦乐采样到目前为止。

Ostinato Strings第二章是我们以短而流畅的音符重复为基础的弦乐乐器——固定音弦乐的续作。这最新的版本继续系列采取了深采样的乐句为基础的弦重复的概念,并建立了十五深入和明确的ostinato弦乐数字,每一个轻松地演奏和不可否认的音乐。

Ostinato Strings第二章具有动态排列的合奏,经过精心试听和选择的力度,包括6个小提琴,6个中提琴,4个大提琴和4个低音提琴,营造出完全电影般但多样化的声音。每个部分都被独立记录,以使生产过程具有最大的灵活性和定制性。这套乐器完美地捕捉了现代电影中许多基于ostinato的经典弦乐图案的本质和真实性,使这一最新章节成为任何管弦乐调色板的完美伴侣。


The 8Dio Century Orchestral Series is the definitive state-of-the-art collection of hyper-realistic orchestral instruments. Century continues to represent our most significant leap forward in hall based orchestral sampling to date.

Ostinato Strings Chapter II is the sequel to our short and flowing note repetition based string instrument – Ostinato Strings. This latest edition continues the series by taking the concept of deep-sampled phrase-based string repetitions and builds upon it with fifteen in-depth and articulate ostinato string figures, each one effortlessly playable and undeniably musical.


Ostinato Strings Chapter II features a dynamically arranged ensemble with a carefully auditioned and selected strength of 6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos and 4 Double Basses creating a fully cinematic yet diverse sound. Each section was independently recorded to allow for ultimate flexibility and customization in the production process. This collection of instruments perfectly captures the essence and realism of many iconic ostinato based string patterns used in modern cinema, making this latest chapter the perfect companion to any orchestral palette.

Each figure is not only available across an instrument’s musical range, but is also fully host tempo synchronized, allowing you to play these uniquely accurate phrases in a way that can perfectly fit your composition or production. Utilizing our “poly-time” legato mode also offers you the ability to change a phrases sequence or recorded pitch mid-way through the pattern, allowing for an almost endless array to the number of rhythmic and tonal possibilities.

The entire Ostinato Strings series was painstakingly captured at 96 kHz before being carefully down-sampled to 48 kHz for ease of streaming. Each recording session also featured only the very best in recording equipment, ensuring an almost purely analog signal path and carefully managed workflow. Not only to preserve and enhance the clarity and tonal character of each instrument but to truly honor the sound, presenting you with only the best virtual instruments have to offer.

Century is more than a collection of sample libraries to us. It is an emotional and distinctively realistic series of deeply-sampled instruments. It marks our continued endeavors to bring you the best that large scale hall sampling can offer.

From superheroes to adventurers, high-paced action to swarms of foes, Ostinato Strings helps you add the driving force and a sense of dynamic realism to any score.

18.8 GB uncompressed to 7.97 GB
Ultra Deep-Sampled String Ostinatos
Fully Tempo-Synced to DAW Tempo
Dynamically Controllable with Velocity and Round Robin
6 Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Cellos & 4 Basses
4 Advanced Microphones Positions (Mixed, Decca, Close & Far)
Custom Browser w/ Built-In Articulation Matrix
Custom Convolution, Microphones, EQ and Chaos FX
Product only available as Direct Download
Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.8 (or later) Required

Demo:8Dio Ostinato Strings II March Of The Wild By Henrik Lindstrom

Demo:8Dio Century Ostinato – Advanced Patterns Deal Of A Century by Troels Folmann

请使用 KOANTAKT 5.8 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://8dio.com/instrument/cent … vst-au-aax-samples/

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