Team R2R | 29 Dec 2021 | 12.05GB

Gypsy 是您在传统旅行表演者合奏中发现的所有主要乐器的逼真、细致表演的门票。非常小心地处理每场表演,以获得连奏过渡、灵活的手指工作和每位音乐家的表达的正确融合。如果您是电影、电视或游戏作曲家,或者只是喜欢在您的作品中添加不拘一格的乐器和风格,尼龙吉他、小提琴和长号都可以演奏吉普赛和古典风格,为您提供创作灵活性。


– 11 GB 的样本分布在小提琴、长号、多把吉他、手风琴等中
– 由屡获殊荣的声音制作人 Doug Rogers 和 Nick Phoenix 创建
– 快速和缓慢的真正连奏小提琴幻灯片,以获得最大的可玩性和真实性
– 预装了开箱即用性能的最佳设置,最大限度地减少了调整和混音的时间
– 传统打击乐和弗拉门戈舞者的脚踩和响板
– 现在包含在 OPUS 中,以及单独下载、自定义按键开关和数十种 MIDI 工具和混音器效果


你需要 R2R PLAY/OPUS 版本才能使用这个库。


Gypsy is your ticket to realistic, nuanced performances of all the major instruments found in a conventional ensemble of travelling performers. Great care was taken to iron out every performance to get the right blend of legato transitions, nimble finger work, and expression from every musician. If you’re a film, TV or game composer or simply enjoy adding eclectic instruments and styles to your compositions, the nylon guitar, violin and trombone can all play in both Gypsy and Classical styles, offering you creative flexibility.

You also have multiple articulations, round robin playback and true legato to vary every passage and make each instrument sound as close to a live recording as possible.

– 11 GB of samples spread across violin, trombone, multiple guitars, accordions and more
– Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
– Fast and slow true legato violin slides for maximum playability and authenticity
– Comes preloaded with optimal settings for out-of-the box performance, minimizing time spent tweaking and mixing
– Traditional percussion and flamenco dancer foot stomps and castanets
– Now included in OPUS, along with individual downloads, custom keyswitches, and dozens of MIDI Tools and Mixer Effects

A witch says,

You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library.