Glitchmachines – Polygon V. 2.0 WiN, MacOS
VST3| 892 MB

Polygon 2.0 是一个混合采样器插件,旨在促进创建令人费解的复合声音效果和不寻常的乐器补丁。

Polygon 2.0 具有完全重新设计的可扩展用户界面,我们几乎对插件的每个方面进行了彻底改造。

Polygon 的新粒度模式将您的样本弹射到未知领域,而其干净和逻辑的界面、广泛的调制选项和强大的新双振荡器使其成为音乐制作和创意声音设计的宝贵工具。

凭借其 4 个颗粒采样器、带 FM 的双振荡器、4 个调制音序器、8 个 LFO、调制实用程序、每个采样器的双插入效果、全局滤波器、双全局效果、综合随机发生器、可变复音、特别策划的工厂样本库和 100 个工厂预设, Polygon 2.0 为声音设计师和音乐家带来了强大的全新声音雕刻工具。

Polygon 2.0 is a hybrid sampler plugin designed to facilitate the creation of mind-bending composite sound effects and unusual instrument patches.

Polygon 2.0 features a fully re-designed scalable user interface and we have completely revamped nearly every aspect of the plugin.

Polygon’s new granular mode will catapult your samples into uncharted realms while its clean and logical interface, extensive modulation options and powerful new dual oscillator make it an invaluable tool for music production and creative sound design.

With its 4 Granular Samplers, Dual Oscillator with FM, 4 Modulation Sequencers, 8 LFOs, Modulation Utilities, Dual Insert Effects per sampler, Global Filter, Dual Global Effects, Comprehensive Randomizer, Variable Polyphony, specially curated Factory Sample Bank and 100 Factory Presets, Polygon 2.0 brings sound designers and musicians a powerful new sound sculpting instrument.


  • 4 Polyphonic Sampler Modules
  • Granular & Classic Mode
  • Dual Oscillator with FM
  • 4 Mod Sequencers & 8 LFOs
  • Modulation Utilities
  • Global Filters & Effects
  • Powerful Randomizer
  • 100 Factory Presets
  • New 1.3 GB Sample Bank
  • Win/Mac VST3/AU 64bit

At the heart of Polygon 2.0, you will find 4 Sampler modules featuring a new granular mode as well as the classic playback and loop modes found in previous versions of the plugin. Each of these samplers also feature two user-definable insert effects slots. The fully redesigned Dual Oscillator features a modulatable FM section. At Polygon’s core, you will find two redesigned Filters and two user definable Global Effects processors at the end of the signal path. Polygon’s modulation system has also been fully overhauled. It now features a node-based, drag & drop modulation system similar to our other sampler, Palindrome.

The modulation section is now accessible via a new tabbed interface with 4 Modulation Sequencers which feature adjustable curves on a per-step basis, as well as 8 LFOs and a number of unconventional Modulation Utilities. We’ve also implemented a completely redesigned Randomizer panel where you can randomize nearly all of the plugin’s parameters in isolation and/or randomize various groups of parameters simultaneously. For Polygon 2.0, we curated a new 1.3 GB sample bank derived from our latest sound effects products. We also included a wide variety of factory presets from some of our best designers.

Place the sample folders where convenient for you, then use the plugin function to locate it.

Home Page – https://glitchmachines.com/products/polygon/