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Percussive Adventures 是一个广受好评的节奏之旅,为音景提供不断发展的节奏床作为分层构建工具,长度为 20-40 秒! 动感的原声和有序的凹槽会让你大吃一惊! 类别包括:追逐、潜行、紧张、神秘、悬念、民族、部落、军事、喜剧、FX、口音和回声小道。

“East West 的 Percussive Adventures 是一种难得的享受:一个经过深思熟虑、精心制作、精心制作和完整记录的样本集合。 5/5。” (电子音乐家)

“哇! 这些东西会立即将您传送到这个星球上可能存在也可能不存在的环境中。 我几乎从每一个选择中都受到启发。” (键盘、Key Buy 奖获得者)


Percussive Adventures is a critically acclaimed rhythmic journey of scoring soundscapes delivering evolving rhythmic beds as layered construction tools which are 20–40 seconds in length! The dynamic acoustic and sequenced grooves will astound you! Categories include: Chases, Sneaks, Tension, Mystery, Suspense, Ethnic, Tribal, Military, Comedy, FX, Accents and Echo Trails.

“East West’s Percussive Adventures is a rare treat: a sample collection that is thoughtfully conceived, well performed, carefully produced, and thoroughly documented. 5/5.” (Electronic Musician)

“Wow! This stuff immediately transports you into an environment that may or may not be on this planet. I’m inspired by nearly every selection.” (Keyboard, Key Buy Award Winner)