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Percussive Adventures 2 包括 70 个完整的多层作品。全床(全混音)、全床循环、交替混音、乐句、结尾、单独的元素/层和一些单独的热门歌曲。这些作品中的大多数都是完整的,可以独立存在。您可以轻松扩展、收缩、重新排列和重新混合以满足您的需求。这不仅仅是打击乐。有一个新鲜的环境流动纹理和事件的世界,非常适合与完整的配乐有节奏的床相结合。

“Percussive Adventures 1 取得了巨大的成功 – 并且获得了键盘杂志 Key Buy 奖!这是无数大牌电影和电视作曲家使用的原始必备扩展表演库,更不用说混音师和电子乐疯子了,在配乐界颇具传奇色彩。如果您已经体验过《打击乐 1》,那么这部续集一定会让您大吃一惊。” (键盘)


Percussive Adventures 2 includes 70 full multi-layered pieces. Full beds (full mixes), full bed loops, alternate mixes, phrases, endings, individual elements/layers, and some individual hits. Most of these pieces are complete in their own right and can stand on their own. You can easily expand, contract, rearrange, and remix to fit your needs. And it’s not just percussion. There is a world of fresh ambient flowing textures and events perfect for combining with the rhythmic beds for complete soundtracks.

“Percussive Adventures 1 was a huge success – and a Keyboard magazine Key Buy Award winner! This is the original go-to-must-have library of extended performances used by countless big name film and TV composers not to mention remixers and electronica maniacs and is kind of legendary in the scoring world. If you’ve experienced Percussive Adventures 1 you will be blown away with this sequel.” (Keyboard)