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Rich Mendelson 是五星级 EastWest 样本集 Dance/Industrial 1 和 2 的程序员。Phat+Phunky 包括超过 2 小时的完整循环(165 个循环和 2000 多个样本); 加上每个循环的各个组件。 精选素材为 R&B/Hip-Hop/Slo Jamz,适合任何类型的项目。 许多循环几乎是完整的轨道,除了与其他循环集合不同的是,Phat+Phunky 使您能够完全自定义循环。


Rich Mendelson is the programmer of the five-star rated EastWest sample collections Dance/Industrial 1 and 2. Phat+Phunky includes over 2 hours of complete loops (165 loops and over 2000 samples); plus the individual components for each loop. The featured material is R&B/Hip-Hop/Slo Jamz, perfect for any type of project. Many of the loops are almost complete tracks except, unlike other loop collections, Phat+Phunky enables you to completely customize the loops.