Team DECiBEL | 03 Jan 2022 | 532.8MB

Mixfood Ambient Synth 系列由 4 个独特的设备组成。我们选择了水、空气、土和火 4 种元素来对样本进行分类。所有声音都是独特的现场录音,其中大部分都是无缝循环的。

Mixfood Air 就是空气!快慢风、夏日微风、大阵风、空调、嘶嘶声、呼吸人类等等。

– 环境采样播放器和波表合成器
– 独特的样品,现场录音
– 4 个带效果器和调制矩阵的振荡器

Mixfood Air 是一个样本播放器/波表合成器,拥有超过 100 个关于空气的高质量样本。使用所有 4 个振荡器来创建令人惊叹的有风和微风的环境音景。当进入设备模式“合成器”时,所有样本都变成动态发声波表。现在可以像普通合成器一样播放波表。

Mixfood Air 有 4 个振荡器。所有振荡器都有一个带有延迟、混响均衡器和移相器的专用效果器部分。所有振荡器都有一个专用的调制矩阵,其中包含多个源和目的地。

使用 150 多个补丁作为您下一个项目的模板。调整几个旋钮或从头开始创建自己的声音并将它们保存为补丁。

结合其他 3 个“元素”,Mixfood Water、Mixfood Fire 和 Mixfood Earth 可创建具有多达 16 个振荡器的音景。额外的乐趣是可以向后播放样本。使用循环旋钮以无缝循环播放样本或关闭循环播放一个镜头。

Mixfood Air 易于操作,但为了您的方便,我们提供了手册。


The Mixfood Ambient Synth series consists of 4 unique devices. We’ve chosen the 4 elements Water, Air, Earth and Fire to categorize the samples. All sounds are unique field recordings and most of them are seamlessly loopable.

Mixfood Air is all about air! Fast en slow winds, summer breezes, big wind gusts, air conditioners, hissing sounds, breathing humans and much more.

– Ambient sample player and wavetable synthesizer
– Unique samples, field recordings
– 4 Oscillators with effects and modulation matrix

Product Description:
Mixfood Air is a sample player/wavetable synthesizer with over 100 high quality samples all about air. Use all 4 oscillators to create amazing windy and breezy ambient soundscapes. When put into device mode ‘Synthesizer’ all samples turn into dynamic sounding wavetables. The wavetables can now be played like a regular synthesizer.

Mixfood Air has 4 oscillators. All oscillators have a dedicated effects section with delay, reverb eq and phaser. And all oscillators have a dedicated modulation matrix with multiple sources and destinations.

Use the 150+ patches as a template for your next project. Tweak a few knobs or start from scratch to create your own sounds and save them as patches.

In combination with the other 3 ‘elements’, Mixfood Water, Mixfood Fire and Mixfood Earth create soundscapes with up to 16 oscillators. Extra fun is the possibility to play the samples backwards. Use the loop knob to play the samples in a seamless loop or turn looping off to play one shots.

Mixfood Air is easy to operate but for your convenience a manual is available.