Sound Radix Auto-Align Post v2.0.1-R2R| 24.1MB

自 2018 年推出以来,Auto-Align® Post 已帮助在无数获奖电影和电视节目中提供出色的声音对话。 它为对话编辑器节省了繁琐的工作,并成为许多音频后期专业人士的必备工具。

通过启用移动位置麦克风的动态时间对齐校正,Auto-Align® Post 可以通过消除由到达时间差异引起的梳状滤波和相位伪影,有效地混合吊杆和拉杆麦克风,只需几个 点击。

Auto-Align® Post 2 通过引入新的光谱相位校正模块、改进的算法和用户界面,更进一步。 它为 Nuendo 和 StudioOne 等兼容 DAW 带来了 ARA2-VST3 支持。

Since its introduction in 2018, Auto-Align® Post has helped deliver outstanding sounding dialogue in countless award-winning films and TV shows. It saved dialogue editors days of tedious work and became an essential tool for many audio-post professionals.

By enabling dynamic time-alignment correction of moving location microphones, Auto-Align® Post makes it possible to effectively mix the boom and lav microphones by eliminating comb-filtering and phase artifacts caused by the time-of-arrival differences, with just a few clicks.

Auto-Align® Post 2 takes a significant step further by introducing a new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, and user interface. It brings ARA2-VST3 support for compatible DAW’s such as Nuendo and StudioOne, and more.