Keepforest AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit v2.0 KONTAKT

AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit带着重大更新回来了。完全重新构想的 AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit 版本,将帮助您更加享受您的体验。

AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit 的主要功能是样本随机化,只需单击一下即可创建绝对独特和真实的音效,这要归功于 Keepforest 设计的完全可自定义的混合自定义音效,包括braaams,whooshes、benders、警报、信号、下降器,上升器,动作,噪音,繁荣,撞击。与之前的所有版本一样,Keepforest 团队全心全意地为您的项目创造令人印象深刻的好莱坞级音效,从源材料的录制到成品,以确保来自世界各地的音乐作曲家在他们的提供最高质量的电影声音库。

AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit is coming back with a big update. Completely reimagined version of AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit that will help you enjoy your experience even more.

The main feature of AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit is the sample randomization for creating absolutely unique and authentic sound effects with just one click, thanks to the fully-customizable hybrid custom sound effects designed by Keepforest, including braaams, whooshes, benders, alarms, signals, downers, risers, motions, noises, booms, hits.

Keepforest AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit v2.0 KONTAKT – MERRRY XMAS! screenshotLike all the previous releases, the Keepforest team put their heart and soul to create impressive Hollywood-level sound effects for your projects from the recording of source materials to the finished product to make sure that music composers from all over the world will have in their hand a cinematic sound library of the highest quality.


What’s new in AizerX SFX Designer Toolkit v2.0:
– Refined and optimized AizerX engine for stable and smooth workflow;
– Redesigned minimalistic modern interface;
– Remastered samples and new content added;
– New stretching feature for playable instruments;
– Classic patches.

SOUND DESIGN ELEMENTS ( 48 Playble Patches and 1723 Waves samples)

FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s KONTAKT 6.0.2 or higher is required!

请使用 KONTAKT 6.0.2 或更高版本第打开

Home Page – https://keep-forest.com/store/libraries/223534
Video & Demo – https://www.youtube.com/embed/K4H0b6Q-2tU?rel=0&wmode=transparent