Team DECiBEL | 07 Jan 2022 | 540.3MB

CB-5 诞生于经典的老式乐器 Casio SK-1,被带入实验室并进行了电路弯曲。它被打开了,添加了开关和硬接线新控件,将它变成了一个音调怪物。完成后,它被多次采样到电子管麦克风前置放大器中。开关和旋钮使乐器产生新的纹理、无人机和多采样音高。产生的长笛和人声经过分析、映射、调音和循环,以创建 CB-5,这是数字领域中更灵活的乐器。增加了额外的灵活性:一个 AMP 包络、一个调制包络、3 种类型的滤波器、一个低频振荡器和一个带有压缩、失真、合唱、延迟和混响的效果引擎。

CB-3 带有 100 多个音色和组合器,具有一系列声音设计,可创作音乐,从喜怒无常的 80 年代配乐、视频游戏芯片、dubstep grime、afro funk 或任何介于两者之间的音乐。

– 来自电路弯曲仪器的风样本
– 灵活的参数和效果
– 精心制作的补丁和声音设计



The CB-5 was born from a classic vintage instrument, the Casio SK-1, taken into the lab and circuit-bent. It was opened up, adding switches and hard-wiring new controls that transformed it into a tone monster. Once completed, it was multi-sampled into tube mic preamps. The switches and knobs caused the instrument to produce new textures, drones and multi-sampled pitches. The flute and voice sounds that were produced were analyzed, mapped, tuned, and looped to create CB-5, a more flexible instrument in the digital realm. Additional flexibility was added: an AMP envelope, a Modulation envelope, 3 types of Filters, a Low Frequency Oscillator, and an effects engine with compression, distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb.

The CB-3 comes with over 100 patches and combinators, featuring a range of sound design to create music ranging from moody 80s soundtrack, video game chip, dubstep grime, afro funk, or anything in-between.

– wind samples from circuit-bent instruments
– flexible parameters and effects
– expertly crafted patches and sound design

Circuit-Bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.