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Ashen Scoring Cello 是一个具有亲密音调的独奏大提琴库,源于失眠和极简后古典乐曲、预告音乐和后恐怖原声带的想法及其悲惨的气氛. 它专注于高度表现力和情感的演奏风格。

每个音符都在真实表演的音乐环境中以多种动态进行采样。它提供了更普遍的音乐性和能量。除了标准和非标准的发音之外,该乐器还包含一个独特的 Performance Designer 引擎,可以为您的作品带来生命和独特的氛围,并控制纹理。Ashen Scoring Cello 不是另一个普通的弦乐库。我们的仪器旨在在广泛的环境中工作。从黑暗的环境音乐和实验音乐到管弦乐和预告片音乐。

作为作曲家,我们了解具有传统和非传统发音的高品质大提琴乐器的重要性。每个样本都经过手工切割和编辑,以捕捉大提琴的优美音色。记录了多达 8 个循环和 4 个动态层,以获得令人难以置信的真实感。对于简短的发音,我们不是一一记录单次采样,而是真实的表演,并从真实的重复中获取样本。这种技术称为“重复抽样”。它提供了更一般的音乐性和能量,增加了紧密度,并专注于样本的攻击。

Ashen Scoring Cello 主要是为寻求独特和独特声音的电影作曲家而设计的。它包括一些标准曲目,如持续连奏和拨奏曲,但它也有一些非常棒的发音,如用信用卡弹奏、非常讨厌的 sul ponticello,甚至是大提琴琴身的打击乐。

Ashen Scoring Cello is a solo cello library with an intimate tone, born out of insomnia and the idea of minimal post-classical compositions, trailer music, and post-horror soundtracks with its woebegone atmosphere. It concentrates on a highly expressive and emotive playing style.

Every note is sampled with multiple dynamics in a musical context from real performances. It gives more general musicality and energy. In addition to standard and non-standard articulations, this instrument contains a unique Performance Designer engine that can bring life and a unique atmosphere to your composition and gives control over the textures. Ashen Scoring Cello is not yet another run-of-the-mill strings library. Our instrument is designed to work in a wide context. From dark ambient and experimental to orchestral and trailer music.


As composers, we understand the importance of high-quality cello instrument featuring traditional and nontraditional articulations. Every sample was cut and edited by hand to catch the beautiful tone of the cello. Recorded with up to 8 Round Robins and 4 Dynamic Layers for incredible realism. For short articulations, we didn’t record one-shot samples one-by-one but real performances and took the samples from real repetitions. This technique is called “Repetition Sampling”. It gives more general musicality and energy, increased tightness, and focuses on the samples’ attack.


Ashen Scoring Cello is built primarily for film composers looking for a unique and idiosyncratic voice. It includes some standard repertoire like sustained legato and pizzicato, but it’s also got some really great articulations like strumming with a credit card, a very nasty sul ponticello, and even percussion on the cello body.

The second important part of our library is a highly advanced Performance Designer. This tool can be used in many situations and for many purposes. For example, you can create harmony and then play a melody using playable instruments on over the top of it. Or you can generate interesting rhythmic patterns that will perfectly complement the basic rhythms of the composition. All performances are perfectly working together with each other and are divided into five categories: melodies, harmonies, rhythms, percussion, others. Also, we prepared a bunch of presets/snapshots and programmed a smart randomizing function. The Performance Designer is not conceived to fully replace the entire cello player in the first place. But more as an addition to compliment the arrangement. It is not created as a soundtoy that replaces the artist completely.

Beautifully performed by an extremely talented Alder & Ash and recorded in Montreal, Québec.


– 12 playable articulations
– Performance Designer
– Bonus Sound Design
– Realistic vibrato algorithm
– True legato (Rebow)
– Up to 8 Round Robins
– 4 dynamic layers
– 24-bit / 48 kHz lossless NCW format
– Dozens Of Snapshots

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.0.2 and higher!

请使用 KONTAKT 6.0.2 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://wavelet-audio.com/ashen-scoring-cello/
Video & Demo – https://www.youtube.com/embed/xUg-Cw5xEpk?rel=0&wmode=transparent