Team FLARE | 09 January 2022 | WiN: 1.41 GB | MacOSX: 1.25 GB

Arcade 是一个示例游乐场,每天都会提供新内容和工具来改变它,让它听起来像你。它甚至可以与您自己的循环一起使用。


满载 40 多个产品线。每天都有新内容交付。

Arcade v2.0 的新功能:

– 浏览器中的套件说明
– 按节奏 BPM 过滤样本和采样器套件
– 全新的音符引擎,可演奏半音
– 时尚的新键盘设计
– 套件生成器功能自动切片和映射任何
– 重新设计了整个浏览器和播放页面的导航
– 一些 UI 改进和错误修复
– 搜索和排序线
– 从线路页面下载线路中的所有套件


A new kind of synthesizer
Arcade is a sample playground with new content delivered every day and tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. It even works with your own loops.

The line up

Fully loaded with 40+ product lines. New content delivered every single day.

What’s new in Arcade v2.0:

– Kit Descriptions in the Browser
– Filter for Samples and Sampler Kits by tempo BPM
– Brand new Note Engine for chromatic playability
– Sleek new Keyboard Design
– Kit Generator feature automatically slices & maps any
sample into a new kit
– Redesigned navigation throughout the Browser and Play pages
– A handful of UI improvements and bug fixes
– Search and sort for Lines
– Download all Kits in a Line from the Lines page

Download this release if its your first time downloading Arcade, if you had our previous releases, run our Updater Release.


Use our utility tool to import the library content release(s)


Big Thanks to Team R2R for helping out on this release and for their big knowledge!