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过去 50 年的 13 种传奇硬件混响组合在一个插件中
Best Service 的 Halls Of Fame 3 结合了复古混响的真实声音和现代编辑的可能性。只需从多个内容包和捆绑包中选择一个脉冲响应,就会被著名的复古设备和现代数字混响的真实声音所震撼。将我们的一款高级 IR 载入名人堂 3,体验过去时代的声音魅力。

名人堂 3 的核心是这些出色的脉冲响应。这正是我们尽最大努力忠实地捕捉硬件参考的所有细节的声音特性的原因。多亏了精湛的立体声和“True Stereo”录音技术,我们设法以前所未有的真实方式再现了它们。结果是一个易于使用的卷积混响,它将标志性混响单元的声音直接带入您的工作室。

直观的 GUI 可直接访问所有重要参数,根据您的喜好调整混响。此外,所有参数都可以完全实时自动化——甚至是起点和终点。由于其全面的调整可能性,Halls Of Fame 3 超越了其老式前辈。

除了其他技术,我们主要以 96kHz 分辨率、32 位浮点波形格式录制 TRUE STEREO HDIR(高清脉冲响应)。高端“PrismSound”ADA-8XR 转换器和“StraigtWire”音频线也促成了无与伦比的纯净、晶莹剔透的品质,只为您提供最好的内容。

– 过去 50 年的 13 种传奇硬件混响组合在一个插件中
– 使用高级录音机以立体声和“真正的立体声”录制
– 由于高质量的脉冲响应,真实的声音
– 直观的 GUI,可直接访问所有重要参数
– 超过 3042 个预设(1605 个立体声和 1434 个真立体声)


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06. E-License Manager 将打开并显示“产品代码”
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13 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years combined in one plugin
Halls Of Fame 3 by Best Service combines the authentic sound of vintage reverbs with modern editing possibilities. Simply choose an impulse response from several content packages and bundles and get overwhelmed by the authentic sound of renowned vintage gear and modern digital reverbs. Load one of our premium IRs into Halls Of Fame 3 and experience the sonic charm of a bygone era.

The centrepiece of Halls Of Fame 3 are these outstanding impulse responses. That is exactly the reason, why we took greatest care to faithfully capture the sonic characteristics of the hardware references in all their details. Thanks to superb recording techniques in stereo and „True Stereo“, we managed to reproduce them as realistically as never before. The result is an easy to use convolution reverb, that brings you the sound of iconic reverb units directly into your studio.

The Interface
The intuitive GUI offers direct access to all important parameters, required to adjust the reverb to your taste. Furthermore all parameters can be entirely automated in real-time – even start and end points. Due to its comprehensive tweaking possibilities, Halls Of Fame 3 exceeds its vintage predecessors.

Alongside other techniques, we mostly recorded in TRUE STEREO HDIR (High Definition Impulse Responses) in 96kHz resolution, 32 bit floating point wave format. High-End “PrismSound” ADA-8XR converters and “StraigtWire” audio cables also contributed to that unmatched and pure, crystal clear quality, to deliver you only the best possible content.

Features Overview:
– 13 legendary hardware reverbs of the last 50 years combined in one plugin
– Recorded in stereo and “true stereo” with premium recorders
– Authentic sound due to high quality impulse responses
– Intuitive GUI with direct access to all important parameters
– Over 3042 Presets (1605 Stereo and 1434 True Stereo)

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05. Go to the PRESETS page and double-click on any preset to start the Activation Process
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