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古筝是中国最美丽的传统乐器之一,已有2000多年的历史。现代古筝是一种中国弹拨古筝,配备 21 根琴弦和可移动的琴桥。基本的演奏风格包括在右侧部分弹拨和在左侧部分按下以产生音高装饰以及颤音。黄河之声的古筝由张健(中国音乐学院)和马静(ADSH)与Best Service合作制作。本土中国音乐制作人第一次对中国乐器进行了细致的采样,他们对中国文化有着自然的理解,并热衷于表达中国乐器的真实品质。

使用 Best Service ENGINE 采样播放器技术,这款虚拟乐器提供比以往更详细的发音。它的清新和优雅体现了中国文化中的保存精神。虽然许多虚拟乐器都卷入了响度之战,但 YRS 古筝的低力度采样让您体验到无声的声音,然而,其宽广的动态范围也提供了强烈的冲击力。随着YRS古筝和更多乐器的发布,中国乐器将不再是您民族图书馆的子类别。长期隐藏的宝藏将被重新发现。只听演示。这些是纯粹的 MIDI 编曲,体验您梦寐以求的虚拟古筝!


1.6GB 样本库,每个速度层都有多个样本
最详细的发音,前所未有,多达 5 个力度层,3 种不同的上/下弯节奏等。
在中国音乐学院使用 Direct Stream Digital Technology 和 5 个麦克风位置录制
24bit / 44.1kHz 采样播放




与我们的 ENGINE 版本一起使用。


Gu Zheng, recorded by local Chinese music producers
Gu Zheng is one of the most beautiful, traditional Chinese instruments with a history of more than 2000 years. The modern Gu Zheng is a Chinese plucked zither equipped with 21 strings and movable bridges. Basic playing styles include plucking at the right portion and pressing at the left portion to produce pitch ornamentations as well as tremolo. Yellow River Sound´s Gu Zheng is produced by Zhang Jian (China Conservatory of Music) & Ma Jing (ADSH) in cooperation with Best Service. For the first time, a Chinese instrument was sampled with great care by local Chinese music producers, who have a natural understanding of their culture and a sole passion to express the true quality of Chinese instruments.

Using the Best Service ENGINE sample player technology, this virtual instrument offers more detailed articulations than ever. Its freshness and elegance reflects the preserved spirit in Chinese culture. While many virtual instruments are involved in the loudness war, YRS Gu Zheng’s low velocity samples allow you to experience the sound of silence, nevertheless, its wide dynamic range also provides punchy impact. With the release of YRS Gu Zheng and more instruments to follow, Chinese instruments will no longer be a sub-category in your ethno library. Long hidden treasures will be rediscovered. Just listen to the demos. These are pure MIDI arrangements and experience the virtual Gu Zheng you have always dreamed of!


1.6GB sample library, multi samples on every single velocity layer
Most detailed articulations, never before available, up to 5 velocity layers, 3 different tempos of bend up/down etc.
Sampled from a famous, custom design Gu Zheng
Recorded at the China Conservatory of Music using Direct Stream Digital Technology and 5 microphone positions
24bit / 44.1kHz sample playback
One shot single notes of most layers, emulate the real performance

A witch says,

This library is already shared by
others, but we saw some uploads
contain tampered content (it has
Chinese SNS account information on
the GUI). Here is the valid one.

Use with our ENGINE release.