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Pana 是一种复杂的立体声工具,旨在让您进行比常规平衡平移可能实现的更优雅、更自然的音频定位。

可以通过多种方式平移音频信号,其中最常见的是改变一个通道的音量。这是实现定位音频感的 CPU 高效方式(并且是最佳方式)。几乎每个 DAW 和混音控制台都内置了此功能。

另一种方法是向其中一个通道添加一个短延迟——Haas 方法。这会呈现更丰富的声音,但也会使声音显得有些不自然。


Pana 结合使用延迟和过滤方法,以实现更自然的定位。这使得 Pana 成为适用于大多数类型声音的多功能工具 – 并且在一个插件中包含这些功能可带来出色的混音体验。最重要的是,还有一个分频器滤波器,可以让低频完全不受影响,让低音保持完全居中,以防止混音在一侧翻倒。

Natural positioning made easy
Pana is a sophisticated stereo tool designed to let you do more elegant, natural audio positioning than what regular balance panning might accomplish.

Panning an audio signal can be done in several ways, where the most common is to alter the volume on one channel. This is a CPU efficient way (and many times the best) to achieve a sense of positioned audio. Almost every DAW and mixing console have this feature built-in.

Another way is to add a short delay to one of the channels – the Haas method. This renders a richer sound, but can also make a sound come off as somewhat unnatural.

A more elegant way is to apply a low pass filter to one of the channels. This maintains the audio energy on both channels, but at the same time makes it sound positioned. This works very well on transient rich sounds like drums or other percussive instruments.

Pana uses both the delaying and filtering methods in combination, to achieve a more natural positioning. This makes Pana a very versatile tool for most types of sounds – and having these features in one plug-in makes for a great mixing experience. To top it all off, there’s also a crossover filter that makes it possible to leave the low end frequencies completely untouched, letting the bass remain fully centered, to prevent the mix from tipping over on one side.

Adjustable micro-delay, tuned after human head size (variable size)
Adjustable low-pass filter on opposite channel
Bass crossover filter, keeps high-energy low frequencies in the center (to prevent the mix from tipping)
Quick button for checking mono compatibility
Correlation meter for checking the phase
Pan lock – for locking the pan knob when browsing presets
A collection of ready-made presets

Home Page – https://klevgrand.se/products/pana