Octave Deluxe – Sauceware Audio

MAC – 3,23 GB | WiN x86 x64 – 3,18 GB | Bonus Pack – 1,44 GB

为说唱制作人打造的尖端、易于使用的插件。使用现场乐器和稀有的模拟设备创建了 300 多个自定义预设。 Octave Deluxe 让您尝试逼真的吉他、钢琴、弦乐、铃铛和贝司音色,为您的节拍提供专业品质的声音。

让节拍变得比以往更快、更轻松,并受益于 300 多种由稀有模拟设备和现场乐器制作的定制预设。

通过简化的界面,您可以享受在计算机上轻松且在钱包上轻松的体验。无论您是刚起步的初学者,还是希望提升自己的游戏水平的精明节拍制作者,Octave Deluxe 都适合所有级别的制作人。

加入超过 15,000 名使用 Octave Deluxe 的制作人的行列,发现独特、强大的声音,帮助您的节拍脱颖而出。从 Boi-1da、!llmind、Dez Wright 和其他人来看,该行业支持 Octave Deluxe。 Octave Deluxe 声音已被用于 Baby Keem、Kendrick Lamar、21 Savage、Travis Scott 等人的歌曲中。

整个 Octave 豪华套房 + 所有奖金
– 100 个定制的工厂预设
– 所有 5 个扩展包(200 个附加预设)
– 额外的架子鼓(80 种声音)
– Octave MIDI 包(100 种声音)
– 额外样品包(22 个循环)


Octave Deluxe
A cutting-edge, easy-to-use plugin built for rap producers. With over 300 custom presets created using live instruments and rare analog gear. Octave Deluxe let’s you experiment with realistic Guitar, Piano, String, Bells & Bass sounds to give your beats that professional quality sound.

Built for quality & efficiency
Make beats faster and easier than ever, and benefit from over 300 custom-made presets made from rare analog gear and live instruments.

Easy to use
With a simplified interface, you can enjoy an experience that is easy on your computer and easy on your wallet. Whether you’re a beginner who is just starting out, or a savvy beatmaker looking to up their game, Octave Deluxe was built to suit all levels of producers.

Placement ready
Join over 15,000 producers who are using Octave Deluxe to discover unique, powerful sounds that will help your beats stand out. From Boi-1da, !llmind, Dez Wright and others, the industry stands behind Octave Deluxe. Octave Deluxe sounds have been used in songs from Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, Travis Scott and more.

The entire Octave Deluxe suite + all the bonuses
– 100 custom-made factory presets
– All 5 expansion packs (200 additional presets)
– Bonus drum kit (80 sounds)
– Octave MIDI bundle (100 sounds)
– Bonus sample pack (22 loops)