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Cans2Conesv4 – 耳机到扬声器仿真器 – v4 现在支持 Apple Silicon 如果您在家庭工作室、宿舍或路上使用耳机进行混音,您就会知道在扬声器上播放时很难衡量混音的声音。 Cans2Cones 可以提供帮助!

Cans2Cones 做什么
Cans2Cones 通过为左右耳生成交叉混合的耳间时间和幅度差(ITD 和 IAD)来降低耳机的“超立体声”效果。这种交叉馈送与简单的声像或立体声宽度缩减不同。它实际上通过细微的 EQ 变化和梳状滤波产生与模拟“扬声器”的距离感,这些变化与真实房间中的真实扬声器发生。

Cans2Cones 不做什么
Cans2Cones 不是“耳机均衡器”。它不会尝试纠正耳机频率响应中的任何频谱不平衡,也不会应用任何“房间校正”或房间氛围。它假设在经过严格处理的房间中具有平坦的频率响应,监视器放置在与收听位置成惯常的等边三角形上。

Cans2Cones 的一个独特功能是“动态去压缩”控制,它可以减少由于耳机驱动器靠近耳膜而出现的“在你脑海中”的压缩声音。这个解压器会在一定程度上“干掉”声音,这有助于模拟在真实房间中使用真实扬声器听到的声音。动态去压缩可帮助听众更好地评估混响和压缩量,这在使用耳机收听时通常会被夸大。

Cans2Cones 包括 3 个“快速选择”预设:“近场”、“中场”和“远场”,可生成在这些位置使用的扬声器的距离和特征频率响应。还包括一个“低音炮”控制,可扩展低频响应,以在任何“扬声器”上实现全频响应。您也可以通过简单地拖动它们来手动调整扬声器距离。选择不同的预设时,音频透视和轻微的色调变化发生 – 就像在真正的房间里的移动监视器一样!


Cans2Conesv4 – Headphone to Speaker Emulator – v4 now supports Apple Silicon If you are mixing on headphones in a home studio, dorm room or on the road you know that it can be tough to gauge how your mix will sound when played back on loudspeakers. Cans2Cones can help!

What Cans2Cones does
Cans2Cones reduces the “superstereo” effect of headphones by generating cross-mixed Interaural Time and Amplitude Differences (ITD and IAD) for left and right ears. This crossfeed is not the same thing as simple panning or stereo width reduction. It actually produces a sense of distance to the emulated “speakers” with subtle EQ changes and comb filtering that occurs with real loudspeakers in a real room.

What Cans2Cones does NOT do
Cans2Cones is not a “headphone equalizer”. It does not attempt to correct any spectral imbalances in your headphone’s frequency response nor does it apply any “room correction” or room ambience. It assumes a flat frequency response in a heavily treated room with monitors placed on a customary equilateral triangle to the listening position.

A unique feature of Cans2Cones is the “Dynamic De-Compression” control that reduces the “in your head” compressed sound that occurs due to the close proximity of headphone drivers to the eardrums. This decompressor “dries out” the sound to a small degree which helps to emulate what one would hear with real speakers in a real room. Dynamic De-Compression helps the listener to better assess the amount of reverb and compression in a mix which is often exaggerated when listening on headphones.

Cans2Cones includes 3 “Quick Select” presets: “Near-field”, “Mid-field”, and “Far-field” that generate the distance and characteristic frequency response of speakers used in those positions. Also included is a “Subwoofer” control that extends the frequency response low-end for full range response on any of the “speakers”. You can also adjust the speaker distance manually by simply dragging them. When selecting different presets the audio perspective and slight tonal variations occur – just like moving monitors around in a real room!

Whats New
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.