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Drums Of War 2 使用强烈的、音轨就绪的打击乐器增强了打击乐调色板。 扩展我们的战鼓产品线并为未来设定步伐。

Drums Of War 2 是经典 Drums Of War 库的强大后续,现在带有 Kontakt 播放器和 NKS 编码!

凭借最初的 Drums Of War 1 库专注于捕捉巨大的声音,体现在电影纹理中,我们希望创建一个具有特定乐器和制作技术的后续作品,以提供一种新的工作方式。 我们录制了单独的打击乐器,并通过双重、三重和四重跟踪创建了 Ensemble 补丁。 这是一个强大的效果器,可以创建具有逼真性能的更大声音。

Deep Cinematic Percussion Expansion
Drums Of War 2 enhances the percussive palette with intense, soundtrack-ready percussion instruments. Expanding our Drums Of War product line and setting the pace for the future.

Drums Of War 2 is a powerful follow-up to the classic Drums Of War library, now with Kontakt Player and NKS encoding!

With the original Drums Of War 1 library focusing on capturing a huge sound, embodied in cinematic textures, we wanted to create a follow-up with specific instrumentation and production techniques to provide a new way of working. We recorded individual percussion instruments, and we created Ensemble patches by double, triple, and quadruple-tracking. This is a powerful effect for creating a larger sound with realistic performance.

Included Instruments:
– Chang Chang
– Djun Djuns*
– Doumbek
– Frame Drums*
– Gong
– Hang Drum
– Kissing Fish Shaker
– Metals
– Mixing Bells
– Mondo Toms*
– One Shot Shaker
– Shime Daikos*
– Sub Boom
– Tabla
– Taikos*

Instruments marked with a * include multiple individual instrument patches plus Ensemble patches

This version requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.6.1 and newer!
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请使用 KONTAKT 6.6.1 或更高版本打开

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