Oblivion Sound Lab Hex Drum v1.0.2 WiN


Hex Drum 是一种虚拟乐器,其灵感来自 1980 年代的合成鼓机,特别是 Simmons SDS 系列及其独特的六边形鼓垫,我们的插件由此得名。

席梦思鼓在 1980 年代被用于各种类型的无数唱片中,从迪斯科、雷鬼到排行榜榜首的流行歌曲。近年来,他们独特的声音在 synthwave 和其他 80 年代灵感流派中被赋予了新的生命。

对于 Hex Drum,我们从 SDS“鼓大脑”的架构中汲取灵感,并通过添加深度编辑控件和我们自己的一些独特曲折使其更加灵活。

Hex Drum 可让您轻松拨入经典的复古鼓声,但在现代混音中仍然感觉像在家里一样。


7 种鼓声
3 种模拟振荡器形状
音调、噪声、咔嗒声、LFO 和输出模块
MIDI 映射与 MIDI 学习
40 套鼓预设
所有参数都可以自动化来自主机 DAW

A classic drum machine sound, reimagined

Hex Drum is a virtual instrument inspired by synth drum machines of the 1980s, in particular the Simmons SDS series with its distinctive hexagonal drum pads, from which our plugin takes its name.

Simmons drums were used on countless recordings during the 1980s across many genres, from disco, to reggae, to chart-topping pop hits. In recent years their distinctive sound has been given new life in synthwave and other ‘80s inspired genres.

For Hex Drum we took inspiration from the architecture of the SDS “drum brain” and made it more flexible by adding deep editing controls, and some unique twists of our own.

Hex Drum lets you easily dial in that classic vintage drum sound, but still feels right at home in a modern mix.


7 drum voices
Stereo or Multi-channel output
3 analog inspired oscillator shapes
Tone, noise, click, LFO and output modules
MIDI mapping with MIDI learn
Assignable voice labels
Copy & paste drum voices
Choke groups
Preset system
40 drum kits presets
All parameters can be automated from the host DAW

Home Page – https://oblivionsoundlab.com/product/hex-drum/