Oblivion Sound Lab OSL Side Effects v1.1.2 WiN

Mid/Side 处理和立体声加宽

OSL Side Effects 是一个多功能的音频插件,允许以微妙和创造性的方式操纵立体声场。


Mid/Side processing and stereo widening

OSL Side Effects is a versatile audio plugin that allows the stereo field to be manipulated in both subtle and creative ways.

It separates a stereo signal into Mid and Side channels which can be independently equalised, compressed, saturated, boosted, attenuated and panned using an intuitive processing chain. This makes it possible to alter the width of a mix in ways that would be impossible using conventional stereo processing techniques.


4 band Mid/Side EQ with interactive graph
FFT spectrum analyser
Mid/Side compressor with transfer curve graph
Gain reduction meters
Tape-style saturation
Mid/Side stereo panning
Input and output gain controls
Stereo visualiser (goniometer)
Phase meter
Mid/Side and Left/Right output meters
Left/Right mode
Oversampling up to 16x
Preset system including 17 factory presets
All parameters can be automated from the host DAW
Light on CPU

Home Page – https://oblivionsoundlab.com/product/osl-side-effects/