Strix Instruments Emisynth KONTAKT


在这个库中,Strix Instruments 收集了 11 台独特的苏联儿童合成器,它们一直存活至今:这些乐器的年龄从 30 到 50 年不等!录音是从这些乐器的原始扬声器完成的;因此,声音符合设计师的意图。感觉 Strix Instruments 已经将整个时代放入了几 GB 的数据中。


时间和各种存储条件已经在这些合成器的声音上留下了印记。他们每个人都以自己的方式老化,这影响了乐器的模拟元素和最终声音,从而获得了各种人工制品。Strix Instruments 精心保留了每个音符的特征色调,以激发您的灵感和创造力。


Strix Instruments 尽最大努力为您提供对每个工具的最大控制,并使库保持美观且易于管理。在合成器之间切换,让自己沉浸在 80 年代的氛围中,创造出色的合成波或尝试其他类型的音乐。

来自 80 年代的带有 Time 和 Radiation

Strix 乐器风味的声音在这里不仅可以让您体验苏联合成器的演奏,还可以让您沉浸在 80 年代的真实氛围中。为此,Strix Instruments 前往切尔诺贝利禁区——地球上唯一一个注定在 1986 年永远毁灭的地方。探索放射性街道和建筑物,Strix Instruments 收集了一些特殊的脉冲响应集合,用于卷积混响。

A Unique Collectable Library of Synthesizers that Keeps a Print of Time

In this library, Strix Instruments have collected eleven unique Soviet children’s synthesizers, which have survived to this day: the age of these instruments is from 30 to 50 years! The sound recording was done from the original speakers of these instruments; thus, the sound is as intended by the designers. It feels like Strix Instruments have put an entire era in a few gigabytes of data.

Imperfect yet Extraordinary

Time and various storage conditions have left their mark on the sound of these synths. Each of them has aged in its own way, which influenced the analogue elements of the instrument and the final sound, which acquired a variety of artefacts. Strix Instruments carefully preserved the characteristic shade of each note for your inspiration and creativity.

Beautiful and Intuitive Interface

Strix Instruments did their best to provide you with maximum control over each tool and to keep the library beautiful and easily manageable. Switch between synthesizers, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 80s, create great synthwave or experiment with other genres of music.

Sound from the 80’s Flavoured with Time and Radiation

Strix Instruments are here not only to give you the experience of playing the soviet synthesizer but to immerse you into the actual atmosphere of the ’80s. To do that, Strix Instruments went to the Chernobyl exclusion zone – the only place on Earth that doomed forever for 1986. Exploring the radioactive streets and buildings, Strix Instruments collected some special Impulse Responses collection for Convolution Reverb.

Free Updates in the Future

Strix Instruments are happy to confirm that you can expect future updates with new synthesizers for free. It is a truly collectable library.
Number of instruments: 11 Synths / 100 presets / 979 variations
Size: 2.52 GB (~2.66 GB uncompressed samples)
Sample content: 3500+ unique samples / 48 kHz, 24-bits
NKS Support: Komplete Kontrol Mapped

System Requirements
Kontakt 5.8.1 FULL and higher (Free Kontakt Player is NOT supported)
2.52 GB (~2.66 GB uncompressed) storage space.

This version requires NI Kontakt FULL v5.8.1 and newer!

请使用 KONTAKT 5.8.1 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://strixinstruments.com/emisynth/
Demo & Video – https://youtube.com/watch?v=sSE0GONlClE%3Frel%3D0%26wmode%3Dtransparent