East West Symphonic Orchestra Brass Platinum v1.0.9
Team DECiBEL | 01 Feb 2022 | 34.18GB

Brass – Dynamic, bright, and bold, you can use the brass section to pump up the strongest moments with trumpet and trombone marcato, crescendos, and fortepianos. For softer, more lyrical moments, the French horns will become your best friend. And when you’re looking to create either whimsy or absolute terror, the Wagner tubas will lay all the groundwork you need.

Brass Instruments Include:
2 Trumpets – 4 Trumpets – 6 French Horns – 4 Trombones
4 Wagner Tubas – Solo Trumpet 1 – Solo Trumpet 2 – Solo Piccolo Trumpet
Solo French Horn – Solo Trombone – Solo Tuba

Recorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson, the EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA was honored with Sound On Sound’s Reader’s Choice Award an unprecedented 3-times, and the very first orchestral collection to be recorded in a “state of the art” concert hall where orchestras mainly perform. Every detail of the recording hall is captured with incredible precision and detail, adding realism and shimmer to every note. You can create convincing orchestral performances with very little time and effort, and the natural ambience will make it feel as though the instruments are playing back live.

– The best-selling and most awarded orchestral collection ever created
– Created by award-winning sounds producers Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix and recorded by Grammy-nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson
– Intelligent Performance section including Portamento, Repetition, Legato, and Round Robin Reset
– Intelligent release trail engine that automatically follows the volume of note-on velocities
– All instruments sampled with close, stage, and surround mics

To achieve the feel of a live concert hall performance, each instrument and section was recorded with three mic positions: close, stage (conductor’s position) and hall. By selecting different mic positions, you can mix these sounds together to create virtually any placement or level of depth desired. This all but eliminates the need for artificial reverb, drastically cutting down on the amount of time you spend getting your ambience settings just right. Every major adjustable feature can be controlled from a single interface, including reverb, mic positions, filtering, and section volume. If you’re looking for warmth and the ability to easily manipulate nearly any aspect of the instruments’ performances to your heart’s content, Symphonic Orchestra gives you every tool you need in one place.

You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library (as a witch has said…)

Read the included txt file in the DECiBEL dir for install instructions.

Home Page – https://www.soundsonline.com/symphonic-orchestra