Native Instruments Effects Series v1.2.1 macOS
TRAZOR | Jan 25 2022 | 1.2 GB

Mod Pack/Crush Pack/Raum/Replika XT: 1.2.1, Replika: 1.5.1: – 2021-12-10
FIXED AU plugins could crash Ableton Live running in full screen when closing the GUI.
FIXED AU plugins could make hosts leave full screen mode when closing the GUI.
FIXED (Replika/Replika XT) Pops and clicks no longer occur when using the phaser in the modulation section.

Mod Pack/Crush Pack/Raum/Replika XT: 1.2.0, Replika: 1.5.0: – 2021-12-07
ADDED VST3 plug-in target.
ADDED macOS Monterey compatibility.
ADDED Rosetta 2 Apple Silicon support.
ADDED Windows 11 compatibility.
ADDED Display plugin target in about screen (AU/AAX/VST/VST3).
ADDED (Replika/Replika XT) The UI is now resizable.
IMPROVED All plugin error dialogs are now rendered inside the plugin window.
FIXED Occasionally the plugin would cause Logic Pro to crash on Apple Silicon.
FIXED Occasionally AU plugins would crash the host when closing the GUI.
FIXED Potential crashes when user tracking was enabled with no internet connection.
FIXED Issues with host parameters being out of sync after a program change from the host.
FIXED Issues with UI not updating correctly when automating the sidechain mode parameter.
FIXED User presets with special characters like umlauts could not be loaded.
FIXED User presets with special chars were not listed in FL Studio.
FIXED Text input would not function correctly when multiple save as dialogs were open.

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