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音乐爱好者一直在寻找专门的软件解决方案,以帮助他们想出创新的声音并创作出美妙的曲调。那些经常使用 MIDI 文件的人可以在加载 SoundFont 后依靠 SynthFont 来管理他们的文件并渲染音轨。

以下是 SynthFont2 中一些功能的简短列表 – 在 SynthFont1 中没有:
+ 支持多个 MIDI 拍号
+ Pianoroll 的流畅播放滚动
+ 支持创建另一种压缩音频格式:M4A,基于免费 AAC 格式
+ 支持使用可变比特率创建压缩音频文件
+ 支持多个 CPU 内核
+ 支持一些 Windows 7/8/10 增强功能
+ 一个新的组合 SoundFont Override 和 Bank Manager:您可以为 SynthFont 提供许多 SoundFont 和文件夹,以在其中搜索默认 SoundFont 中缺少的银行
+ 支持 SoundFont 调制器
+ MIDI 通道的 VU 表
+ 更多 MIDI 编辑功能
+ 快速确定歌曲最大响度的功能
+ MIDI 数据可以保存在 Arrangement 文件中
+ 支持超大 MIDI 文件
+ 无限语音计数
+ 视觉风格
+ … 加上大量的小改进和新功能


Music enthusiasts are constantly looking for specialized software solutions that can help them come up with innovative sounds and create great tunes. Those who often work with MIDI files can rely on SynthFont to manage their files and to render audio tracks, as soon as a SoundFont is loaded.

Here is a short list of some of the features in SynthFont2 – not found in SynthFont1:
+ support for multiple MIDI time signatures
+ smooth playback scrolling of the Pianoroll
+ support for creating one more compressed audio format: M4A, based on the free AAC format
+ support for creating compressed audio files using Variable Bit Rate
+ support for multiple CPU cores
+ support for some Windows 7/8/10 enhancements
+ a new combined SoundFont Override and Bank Manager: you can give SynthFont a number of SoundFonts and folders in which to search for banks missing in the default SoundFont
+ support for SoundFont modulators
+ VU meters for the MIDI channels
+ many more MIDI editing features
+ function to quickly determine the maximum loudness of a song
+ MIDI data can be saved in the Arrangement file
+ support for mega-size MIDI files
+ unlimited voice count
+ Visual Styles
+ … plus a very large number of minor improvements and new features