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Vagabond Crystal 样本库的创建是为了利用钟声、玻璃和金属物体的声音。使用和采样了各种物品:一个唱歌碗,西藏铃铛,一个小锣,酒杯,一个盘子,水,石头,合成器,以及硬件和软件效果器。这个想法是为了向水晶、闪亮的声音和音景以及……洞穴致敬。是的,在我的脑海中,这些声音,它们长长的持续和闪烁会立即让我想起洞穴,以及下降到它们怪异的深处的图像。



– 16/24 位 / 44,1 kHz wav 格式
– 已安装 889 MB
– 78 个基本的原始补丁(铃铛、垫子、FX、有机)
– 90 个派生的单个补丁
– 90 个衍生的多补丁
– 最多可达 6 r。每个样本集的知更鸟
– 需要 Kontakt 5.8.1 及以上完整版本

The Vagabond Crystal sample library was created to utilize the sounds of bells, glass, and metal objects. Various items were used and sampled: A singing bowl, Tibetan bells, a little gong, wine glasses, a dish cover, water, rocks, a synthesizer, plus hardware and software effectors. The idea was to pay homage to crystal, shiny sounds and soundscapes and… caves. Yes, these sounds, their long sustains and sparkle instantly bring up images of caves, and of descent into their eerie depths, in my mind.

I wander through their stony halls, corridors and galleries, and admire the silent beauty of Mother Nature’s work of art. Stalagmites and stalactites, like statues, guard the returning echoes of water drops dripping from wet, cold walls and ceilings. An underground river is taking me far away from the surface. Time is standing still in the darkness, eyes don’t see. Imagination comes to life. I become a crystal who wanders through the dark, like a vagabond without a home.


– 16/24 bit / 44,1 kHz wav format
– 889 MB installed
– 78 basic original patches (Bells, Pads, FX, Organic)
– 90 derived single patches
– 90 derived multi patches
– mostly up to 6 r. robins per sample set
– Kontakt 5.8.1 and above full version required