East West Hollywood Strings Diamond v2.0.7
Team DECiBEL | 12 Feb 2022 | 312.62GB

与好莱坞弦乐一起创作值得奥斯卡奖的电影编曲,这是 EastWest/Quantum Leap 虚拟乐器大师的激动人心的版本。这个出色的插件具有近乎无穷无尽的弦乐发音和声音目录,每一个都经过精心录制,品质完美。这个惊人的创意工具的重点是为您提供非凡的表达范围;这就像在一天中的任何时间都有一个接力棒下的第一个交响弦乐部分。每个部分——第一和第二小提琴、中提琴、大提琴和贝司——都进行了扩展范围的采样;当然,音乐家们的录音只使用了最好的设备,包括 Neve 8078 调音台和高级麦克风。

由格莱美和奥斯卡奖得主肖恩·墨菲在 EastWest 著名的 Studio 1(主要好莱坞配乐和电视主题的诞生地)录制,EastWest Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition 的 24 位样本原始且光彩夺目,该系列提供您可以通过多达五个可混合麦克风位置和数十种每种乐器的发音来前所未有地控制乐器的表现力和声音;包括拨弦、断奏、弹跳、弹奏、颤音、marcato、flautando、谐波等等。

包括自定义 PLAY 界面
EastWest Hollywood Strings 包含定制的 PLAY 高级采样引擎,旨在让您深入访问其中的声音。这个 64 位接口(支持 32 位)让您可以加载多个乐器,因此您可以轻松制作自定义拆分和分层设置,从而轻松使用多个乐器和整个乐器部分执行。它还可以让您真正深入地处理您的声音,例如调整包络和添加各种样本再现工具,以将您的乐器调整到完美。

String Sounds Worthy of the Big Screen
Compose Oscar-worthy cinematic arrangements with Hollywood Strings, an exciting release from the virtual instrument masters at EastWest/Quantum Leap. This brilliant plug-in features a near-endless catalog of string articulations and sounds, each meticulously recorded for flawless quality. The emphasis for this amazing creative tool is on giving you an extraordinary range of expression; it’s like having a first-call symphonic string section under your baton, at any hour of the day. Every section – 1st and 2nd violins, violas, cellos, and basses – was sampled with extended ranges; and, of course, the musicians were recorded using nothing but the finest gear, including a Neve 8078 mixing console and premium microphones.

Multiple articulations and five mixable mic positions
Recorded in EastWest’s famous Studio 1 (the birthplace of major Hollywood soundtracks and TV themes) by Grammy and Academy Award-winning scoring engineer Shawn Murphy, the 24-bit samples of EastWest Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition are pristine and gloriously detailed, and the collection gives you unprecedented control over the expressiveness and sound of the instruments with up to five mixable mic positions and dozens of per-instrument articulations; including pizzicato, staccato, ricochet, spiccato, tremolo, marcato, flautando, harmonics, and many more.

Includes the custom PLAY interface
EastWest Hollywood Strings includes the custom PLAY advanced sample engine, designed to give you deep access to the sounds within. This 64-bit interface (with 32-bit support) lets you load multiple instruments, so you can easily craft custom split and layered setups that make it effortless to perform with multiple instruments and entire instrument sections. It also allows you to go really deep with your sounds, such as adjusting envelopes and the addition of various sample reproduction tools for tweaking your instruments to perfection.

Holy grail orchestral samples
For composers at Sweetwater, EastWest’s Hollywood Orchestra series is truly a “desert-island” orchestral library, packed with holy grail samples that put the sound of Hollywood blockbusters right at your fingertips. The collection and its sections, which are available separately, have received critical acclaim from the music press, including Electronic Musician’s Editor’s Choice Award and Future Music’s Platinum Award. These publications, and others, cite the samples’ stunning detail, superior true legato, and overall sonic quality, as well as the amazing control you get with five mic positions, including the main Decca tree; mid, close, and surround mic arrays, as well as an alternate vintage 1945 RCA ribbon room mic. Bottom line, EastWest Hollywood Strings is a must-have compositional tool for the serious composer.

EastWest Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition Features:
– Pristine 24-bit, 44.1 kHz samples
– EastWest PLAY Advanced Sample Engine provides sophisticated performance options and reverb
– Includes EW Studio 1 convolution reverb impulses
– 5 mixable mic positions
– Multiple articulations available for nuanced, lifelike compositions
– Recorded by top industry engineers and producers in Studio 1 at EastWest Studios

You need R2R PLAY/OPUS release to use this library (as a witch has said…)

Read the included txt file in the DECiBEL dir for install instructions.

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