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Giuseppe Ottaviani Producer Masterclass FULLTUTORiAL

朱塞佩·奥塔维亚尼 (Giuseppe Ottaviani) 是一位长期以来被视为“制作人的制作人”的音乐家:他以出色的录音和证实它们的命中率而闻名。简单地说,有了 Giuseppe,音乐才是最重要的。

Giuseppe 将课程分为 8 个章节,包括 100 个单独的视频,这些视频持续了 13 个大师课小时。 Giuseppe 讨论了最初的灵感以及如何处理旋律、鼓、贝斯和音轨创作的基本方面。他还分享了他在混音和母带制作方面的经验,同时对他可以说是无与伦比的工作方法提供了清晰的见解(全部以英文字幕)。开放洞察他的工作方法。 “这不是,他热衷于强调,关于给人们很多技巧,快速提示辅导位,操作方法等,然后说’你去!’这里有一个残局。我希望新的制作人将其用作专业发行音乐的重要一步。一旦你学习并吸收了这门课程,你就可以下载这个新作品的词干,并将新发现的知识用于实际应用,重新混合它。最佳混音将于 2021 年在 GO Music 上发布注:添加了缺少的第 9 章


Giuseppe Ottaviani is a musician who has long been regarded as ‘the producer’s producer’: a man renowned for sonically superior recordings and the hit-rate to substantiate them. Simply, with Giuseppe, music comes before all.Giuseppe’s grouped the course into 8 chapters, comprising of 100 individual videos, which run over 13 Masterclass hours. Giuseppe discusses initial inspirations and how to approach melody, drums, bass and the fundamental aspects of track composition. He also shares his experience in mixing and mastering, whilst giving clear insights (all subtitled in English) into his arguably peerless work approach.Over the duration of the Masterclass Giuseppe builds a new track from the ground up, providing the most practical of examples and open insights into his work method. “This is not, he is keen to emphasise, about giving people a lot of tricks, quick tip tutoring bits, how-to’s, etc and saying ‘there you go!’ There is an endgame here. What I would love is for newer producers to use this as a major step towards releasing music professionally. Once you’ve taken the course and absorbed it you can download the stems for this new production and put that newfound knowledge to practical use in remixing it. The best remix will be released on GO Music in 2021 NOTE: Added missing Chapter 9