Plugin Alliance launches Lindell 902 De-Esser effect plugin

Plugin Alliance Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser v1.0.0 WiN  [MORiA]| AU | VST | VST3 | AAX | 57.8 MB

经典的自动去齿音,可立即适应任何乐器。伟大的去咝咝声不一定很复杂。最初的 dBx® 902 咝声消除器在 1980 年代发布时立即成为经典。凭借巧妙的设计和极其简单的工作流程,它迅速成为全球主要工作室的中流砥柱,并登上了无数热门唱片。今天,Lindell Audio 将这种设计带到了 DAW 中,添加了新功能,使其比原来的更好。

不要让它的外观欺骗您:Lindell 902 去咝声器的简约 2 旋钮工作流程是通过一些非常复杂的工程设计实现的。 902 最显着的一点是它没有阈值控制。但这是一个功能,而不是一个错误。 902 将您选择的高频电平与信号的其余部分进行比较,无论您的信号是低声细语还是大声尖叫,都可以同样平滑地消除齿音。

902 缺乏复杂的控制,使其比大多数其他去咝声器更容易使用,也更难搞砸。没有固定的阈值意味着您不再需要通过过度处理响亮的部分或处理不足的安静部分来妥协。但是,如果听起来不好,这一切都没有多大意义。幸运的是,902 也是有史以来最好的声音消除器之一,不仅适用于人声,还适用于控制钹、吉他或任何其他具有潜在刺耳瞬态的乐器的过度亮度。

Lindell 902 继承了真正的录音室经典,并对其进行了更新,增加了 21 世纪的额外功能,包括实时准确显示去咝声器正在做什么的图形布局、“混音”旋钮、“空气”控制带回消除咝声后的亮度,以及“聆听”功能以准确听到咝声消除器在做什么。

法律免责声明:902 De-Esser 是由 Lindell Audio 使用自己的建模技术开发的,所研究的产品之一是 dBx® 902 De-Esser。 dBx® Professional Audio 未授权任何知识产权用于 Lindell 902 De-Esser,也未以任何方式认可或支持 Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser。


Classic, automatic de-essing that instantly adapts to any instrument. Great de-essing doesn’t have to be complicated. The original dBx® 902 de-esser was an instant classic when it was released in the 1980s. With an ingenious design and extremely simple workflow, it quickly became a mainstay in major studios all over the world, finding its way onto countless hit records. Today, Lindell Audio brings this design to the DAW, adding new features that make it even better than the original.

Automatic de-essing that instantly adapts to any instrument
Don’t let its looks deceive you: the minimalist 2-knob workflow of the Lindell 902 de-esser is made possible by some very sophisticated engineering under the hood. One of the most remarkable things about the 902 is that it doesn’t have a threshold control. But this is a feature, not a bug. The 902 compares the level of the high frequency you select to the rest of the signal, allowing for equally smooth de-essing whether your signal is whisper quiet or screaming loud.

Reduce harshness on any source without second guessing
The lack of complex controls on the 902 makes it easier to use—and harder to mess up—than most other de-essers. No fixed threshold means you no longer have to compromise by over-processing loud sections or under-processing quiet ones. But all this wouldn’t mean much if it didn’t sound any good. Fortunately, the 902 is also one of the best sounding de-essers ever made, suitable not only for voice, but for controlling excess brightness on cymbals, guitars, or any other instrument with potentially harsh transients.

Now with new features only possible in the digital domain
The Lindell 902 takes a bona fide studio classic and updates it with extra features for the 21st century including a graphical layout showing exactly what the de-esser is doing in real time, a “mix” knob, an “air” control to bring back brightness after de-essing, and a “listen” feature to hear exactly what the de-esser is doing.

Legal Disclaimer: The 902 De-Esser was developed by Lindell Audio using its own modeling techniques, and one of the products studied was the dBx® 902 De-Esser. dBx® Professional Audio has not licensed any intellectual property for use in the Lindell 902 De-Esser, nor have they endorsed or supported the Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser in any manner.

Faithful emulation of a classic de-esser heard on countless hit records
Incredibly simple workflow: Just set the target frequency and desired amount of gain reduction
No fixed threshold control means the de-esser automatically adapts to the level of your signal, for equally smooth de-essing in loud and quiet passages
Mix knob to blend processed and unprocessed signal together
Listen function to audition the de-esser sidechain and gain reduction independently
Air control to apply a smooth high frequency boost to regain lost high frequency content