Strezov Sampling Harpsichord KONTAKT



大键琴由我们的工程师精心调音和准备,以便为所有音域发出清晰、均匀的音调。该乐器由三个寄存器组成,或者换句话说 – 这里记录了 3 组不同的琴弦 – 两根 8 英尺长,一根 4 英尺长,听起来比其他琴弦高一个八度。我们还捕捉到了“buff”,也被称为琵琶音栓:柔软的皮革压在琴弦上,以获得更柔和的音色。

我们还记录了三个寄存器 (8′ + 8′ + 4′) 之间的真实组合,您可以通过软件自行将它们进行不同的组合。


您可以选择使用此拨动开关打开和关闭发布样本集。您还可以在 440Hz 的现代调音和 415Hz 的更传统的巴洛克调音之间进行选择。与我们的任何其他库一样,您有机会使用位于 C1 的钥匙开关使用 RESET RR 重置任何仪器的循环。

图书馆的内容是在 Sofia Session Studio 中录制的,在许多不同的位置使用了各种麦克风。这些后来被总结为 4 个有用的变体:Close、Mid、Decca 和 Hall。对于所有这 4 个,您可以选择 Purge(音量滑块顶部的 ON/OFF 按钮)、Solo 或 Mute。此外,您可以调整音量、立体声宽度,并且可以根据需要为每个麦克风位置指定不同的输出。


需要 Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.1+ 完整版!


With its full sound, charismatic and distinctive timbre the Harpsichord has been a backbone of many composers’ works ever since the Baroque era, spanning all the way up to the modern cinematic music. Driven by the desire to capture every single tone color of this amazing instrument in detail, we embarked on the journey of recording and creating an easily playable instrument, while still preserving its character and its unique “voice”.

The harpsichord was meticulously tuned and prepared by our engineers in order to give out a clear, even tone for all registers. The instrument consists of three registers, or in other words – 3 different sets of strings recorded here – two at 8 feet long and one at 4 feet long that sound an octave above the others. We’ve also captured the “buff”, also known as lute stop: soft leather pressed against the strings, for a slightly more muted tone.

We have also recorded a true combination between the three registers (8’ + 8’ + 4’) and you have the software possibility to combine them differently yourself.

Choosing different registers and parameter combinations (mic adjustments, etc) can vastly change the tone of the instrument and perceived playing space, which is perfect for any mixing situation where the harpsichord can be adjusted properly, without compromising the true sound of the instrument. All the different register combinations are also available as key switches placed close to the bottom of the keyboard, so that the register combination could be edited with a single key.

You can opt to turn the release sample set on and off with this toggle switch. There’s also a choice for you between modern tuning at 440Hz, and a more traditional baroque tuning at 415Hz. As with any other of our libraries, you have the opportunity to reset the round-robins of any instrument using the RESET RR with the keyswitch located at C1.

The content of the library was recorded in the Sofia Session Studio with a variety of microphones used in many different positions. These have later been summed up to 4 useful variations: Close, Mid, Decca and Hall. For all 4 of those, you have the option to Purge (the ON/OFF button on top of the volume slider), Solo or Mute. In addition, you can adjust the volume, the stereo width, and you can designate different outputs for each microphone position if needed.

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.1+ FULL version!