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创造无边界。生产无极限。无所畏惧地执行。通过一个直观的应用程序录制、制作、混音、母带和执行所有操作。 Studio One® 5 以易用性为核心设计,是您从工作室到舞台的创意合作伙伴。 Studio One 由可增强您的创造力而又不会妨碍您的工具驱动;我们开创了它的拖放式工作流程,并在其他地方继续被模仿。在其他 DAW 中需要五个步骤的繁重任务通常只需要……一个。一个流行的例子:您可以通过简单的拖放操作将 MIDI 转换为音频并返回。

您的大部分工作将在歌曲页面中进行,在那里您可以获得无限的音轨和总线,以及录制、作曲、编辑和混音所需的一切:一整套用于合成(单声道和复音)样本的虚拟乐器 -乐器播放和节奏;完整的 Native Effects 插件套件,具有全新的外观和版本 5 中的一些新功能,包括选定插件上的状态空间建模模拟驱动器;以及用于歌曲编曲和原型制作的开创性工具。 Studio One 的独家项目页面让您只需拖放您的歌曲文件即可掌握您的乐曲并合成您的唱片。 Studio One 为您处理版本控制和渲染,因此您始终知道自己正在处理最新的混音。

版本 5 中的新功能:我们利用了一些屡获殊荣的 Notion notation 技术来添加我们的新乐谱视图。查看同一乐谱上的多个曲目。同时在乐谱和钢琴视图中查看相同的曲目。流线型的播放符号托盘让您无需重新录制曲目即可添加渐强、颤音等。我们还为先进的现代 MIDI 控制器添加了 MIDI 复音表达支持。

最后也是最不重要的——第一次和第 5 版的新功能,Studio One 可以加入您的舞台。新的 Show Page 允许您通过易于使用的 Setlist 将虚拟乐器、背景音轨和插件效果添加到您的现场乐器中。每晚塑造您的表演并更改您的节目,或者在灵感来袭(或开场乐队运行时间较长)时进行快速编辑。

端到端制作的标准,只有 Studio One 5 与您无缝衔接,从最初的灵感到完整制作,从最终混音到母带专辑,从数字发行到舞台制作……让您真正无界限地进行创作。


Create Without Boundaries. Produce Without Limits. Perform Without Fear. Record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. Studio One is driven by tools that enhance your creativity without getting in the way; we pioneered its drag-and-drop workflow that continues to be imitated elsewhere. Laborious tasks that take five steps in other DAWs usually only take… One. A popular example: you can convert MIDI to audio and back with a simple drag-and-drop.

Most of your work will take place in the Song Page, where you get unlimited tracks and buses, alongside everything else you need to record, compose, edit, and mix: a complete set of virtual instruments for synthesis (mono and poly) sample-instrument playback, and rhythm; a complete suite of Native Effects plug-ins with a fresh new look and some amazing features new in Version 5, including State Space Modeled analog drive on select plug-ins; and groundbreaking tools for song arranging and prototyping. Studio One’s exclusive Project page lets you master your compositions and comp your record, simply by dragging and dropping your Song file. Studio One handles the versioning and rendering for you, so you always know you’re working on the latest mix.

New in version 5: we’ve leveraged some of our award-winning Notion notation technology to add our new Score View. View multiple tracks on the same Score. View the same track in Score and Piano View at the same time. A streamlined pallet of playback symbols lets you add crescendos, trills and more without rerecording your track. We’ve also added MIDI Polyphonic Expression support for advanced, modern MIDI controllers.

Last and far from least—for the first time and new with version 5, Studio One can join you on stage. The new Show Page lets you add virtual instruments, backing tracks, and plug-in effects to your live instruments with an easy-to-use Setlist. Sculpt your performance and change your show each night, or do a quick edit on the fly when inspiration strikes (or the opening band runs long).

The standard for end-to-end production, only Studio One 5 seamlessly moves with you from initial inspiration to full production, final mix to mastered album, digital release to stage production… and lets you truly create without boundaries.