Skew - Sinevibes

Skew 是一种非线性音频反向器。 与主机传输完美同步,它不断将传入的音频记录到缓冲区中 – 并以反向块的形式播放。 该算法的一大技巧是它能够通过选择非线性曲线来扭曲其播放速度,从而以各种方式弯曲音高。 由于每个参数都具有极其广泛的调整范围,Skew 可用于创建多种节奏精确的效果,例如反转、磁带倒带、音高滑动、失谐、毛刺和刮擦。 由于其精细的校准、响应能力和 DJ 风格的交叉淡入淡出控制,Skew 可以轻松地实现自动化或实时操作,以增加令人兴奋的音乐复杂性并创造出酷炫的组合、中断和过渡。

Skew is a non-linear audio reverser. Perfectly synchronized to the host transport, it is constantly recording the incoming audio into a buffer – and playing it back in reversed chunks. The big trick in this algorithm is that it’s able to warp its playback speed via a selection of non-linear curves, thus bending the pitch in various ways. With each parameter having an extremely wide range of adjustment, Skew can be used to create multiple rhythmically-precise effects such as reversing, tape rewind, pitch slides, detune, glitching, and scratching. Thanks to its fine calibration, responsiveness, and DJ-style crossfade control, Skew can easily be automated or manipulated in real-time to add exciting musical complexity and create cool build-ups, breaks, and transitions.