%title插图%numOrganic Keys for UVI Falcon| .ufs Samples » presets, patches, impulses| 324 MB

▬ 用 120 种现代风格的键音扩展 Falcon
▬ 使用宏控件即时调整和执行
▬ Falcon 的深度编辑功能允许无限定制

Organic Keys 是一个一站式商店,提供 120 个关键音色,非常适合从流行音乐和配乐工作到 Neo-Soul、IDM 和 Lo-Fi 等流派的所有内容。声音分为 5 个类别,包括 Acoustic Mood、Mono Chords、Digitalish、Lo-Fi 和 More Than Keys,并提供多种角色供您探索。

Organic Keys 中的每个音色都由 4 个可独立混合的声音层构成,包括 Sample、Synthesis、Pluck 和 Texture,为您提供广泛的声音空间,并允许您拨入适合您音轨的完美声音,自动创建运动和区别,并执行它来为您的作品增添生命和表现力。

Organic Keys 中的每个预设都旨在具有表现力和可播放性,提供有用的控件,例如 ADSR 幅度包络、延迟和混响,以及自定义宏控件,让您可以雕刻声音并使音轨栩栩如生。与所有 Falcon 扩展一样,您可以在表面下挖掘每个声音的补丁结构,以您认为合适的任何方式对其进行操作和重塑。

Falcon 的多功能性和原始音质在整个系列中都很明显,它利用了多种合成和声音设计技术以及对效果器和调制器的强大使用。得益于 Falcon 的半模块化架构和丰富的音色库,声音都可以快速预览、编辑、分层或以几乎无限的变化进行演奏。

A Modern Creative Key Toolbox

▬ Expand Falcon with 120 modern-oriented key sounds
▬ Tweak and perform on-the-fly with Macro controls
▬ Deep editing capabilities of Falcon allow limitless customization

xquisitely crafted and tweakable sounds designed with modern genres in mind, Organic Keys is a one-stop shop delivering 120 key patches perfect for everything from pop and scoring work to genres like Neo-Soul, IDM, and Lo-Fi. Sounds are arranged in 5 categories including Acoustic Mood, Mono Chords, Digitalish, Lo-Fi, and More Than Keys, and offer a wide variety of characters to explore.

Every patch in Organic Keys is constructed with 4 independently mixable sonic layers including Sample, Synthesis, Pluck, and Texture, giving you a huge range of sonic space and allowing you to dial-in the perfect sound to suit your track, automate it to create movement and distinction, and perform it to add life and expression to your compositions.

Each of the presets in Organic Keys is designed to be expressive and playable, providing helpful controls such as an ADSR amplitude envelope, delay and reverb, and a custom macro control allowing you to sculpt your sound and bring your tracks to life. As with all Falcon expansions, you have the ability to dig beneath the surface into each sound’s patch structure, to manipulate and reshape it in any way you see fit.

Falcon’s versatility and pristine sound quality is evident throughout this collection, utilizing numerous synthesis and sound design techniques and a robust use of effects and modulators. Sounds can all be quickly previewed, edited, layered or performed with nearly limitless variation thanks to Falcon’s semi-modular architecture and rich library.