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Dynamic Eq 是一种具有多频段压缩功能的参数均衡器。每个频段都有一个内置压缩器,可以通过设置阈值来动态削减或提升精确的频率。每个频段都有一个电平表,带有一个显示当前阈值电平的标记。这可以对混音中的频率进行一定程度的控制,这是标准均衡器无法实现的。此功能对于动态消除或降低共振频率非常有用。

Dynamic Eq 可用作满足您日常需求的标准均衡器,当您需要更多控制时,我们的透明压缩算法可用于驯服或提升特定频率。

Dynamic Eq 旨在直观且使用起来超级简单。我们的 Eq 采用时尚和现代的设计,专为现代制作人而设计。一切都与视觉反馈有关,您不必仅依靠耳朵。主 Eq 曲线的移动清楚地显示了哪些频率正在被提升或削减。电平表可以清楚地显示特定频段的响度,而频率分析器可以准确概览混音中的所有突出频率。

Dynamic Eq 采用 VST、AU 和 AAX 格式,并与所有主要 daw 兼容,例如 FL Studio、Logic Pro、Reason、Cubase、Pro Tools、Machine、Ableton 等。


Dynamic Eq is a parametric equalizer with multi-band compression features. Each band has a built in compressor, precise frequencies can be dynamically cut or boosted by setting the threshold. A level meter is available for each band with a marker showing the current threshold level. This gives a level of control over the frequencies in your mix that is not possible with a standard equaliser. This feature is very useful for de-essing or reducing resonant frequencies dynamically.

Dynamic Eq can be used as a standard equaliser for your day to day needs, when you need more control our transparent compression algorithm can be used to tame or boost specific frequencies.

Dynamic Eq is designed to be intuitive and super simple to use. With a sleek and modern design our Eq was made for the modern day producer. It’s all about the visual feedback, you won’t have to rely on your ears alone. The movement of the main Eq curve shows clearly which frequencies are being boosted or cut. The level meter gives a clear view of how loud a particular band is, while the frequency analyser gives an accurate overview of all the prominent frequencies in your mix.

Dynamic Eq comes in VST, AU and AAX format and is compatible with all major daw’s such as FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools, Machine, Ableton and more.