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唤起观众的热情。 FideliQuest 的 FiDef® 是一种非常低幅度的心理声学刺激,专为音频工程师设计。它使接受能力的大脑放松并更加注意传入的音频刺激。在使用功能性神经成像技术的大脑生理学实验室测试中,FiDef 已被证明可以激发与感知和注意力相关的大脑活动,并增强聆听和参与的主观过程。

适用于所有主要插件格式,包括适用于 macOS 和 Windows 的 VST 2、VST 3 和 AAX 本机以及适用于 macOS 的音频单元,FiDef 是一款独一无二的专利 64 位音频处理器。脑科学在这种潜意识信号发生器中处于领先地位,它迫使倾听者倾身并……参与!

自从爱迪生第一个蜡缸以来,音频采集和回放的历史可以概括为对一个看似不可能的目标的技术追求:逼真地复制实际聆听体验……数字技术的出现,同时解决了模拟中固有的许多问题录制和播放,带来了其他挑战。同时,DXD(数字极限清晰度)和 MQA(主质量认证)等新的支持格式,以及音乐目录的未压缩 HRA 或高分辨率音频版本的消费趋势为家庭带来了新的保真度。然而,即使是最高保真度的数字播放仍然表现出一定程度的保留,使音乐保持一定距离,并不总是让它拥抱和感动我们。低保真或高保真、模拟或数字,FiDef 可实现更深入、更令人满意的连接。

在聆听各种录音时,一位音频专业人士自言自语:“为什么有些录音听起来比其他录音好?”他招募了一名音频物理学家和一名音乐神经科学家,同时分析一系列录音,以识别能引起听者心理声学的声音元素。隔离机制使他们能够开发出一种独特的解决方案,从材料本身合成基本内容,将低幅度的动态信息插入到内容中。经过拥有数十年行业经验的工程师团队的多年开发,FideliQuest 于 2016 年初推出了 FiDef™ 音频处理,这是第一个也是唯一一个可以恢复所有录音和播放系统(无论是模拟还是数字)的技术。

想一想所有优秀工程师用来线性化数字音频的常见、非谐波、亚音频信号;抖动。 FiDef 系统还生成非谐波、亚音频的宽带信号。不同之处在于 FiDef 不会以任何方式修改音乐本身,而是将其添加到音乐中。与抖动不同的是,它与源音频相关。这不是为了噪音而噪音。这是一个动态的、相关的和频谱形状的信号。该信号基于 FideliQuest 对人类听觉系统的研究,被定制为直接刺激大脑,绕过认知处理。多种结果包括处理传入刺激所需的大脑活动减少,从而增加了对音乐、语音和效果的感知细微差别和触觉。 FiDef 让您的大脑了解录音中的细微潜力。听听更多关于歌曲的播放方式,而不是录制方式。


Invoke audience ardor. FiDef® by FideliQuest is a very low amplitude, psychoacoustic stimulus designed specifically for audio engineers. It makes a receptive brain relax and pay closer attention to an incoming audio stimulus. In brain physiology laboratory tests using functional neuroimaging techniques, FiDef has proven to excite brain activity related to perception and attention, and to enhance the subjective processes of listening and engagement.

Available for all major plug-in formats, including VST 2, VST 3 and AAX native for macOS and Windows plus Audio Units for macOS, FiDef is a patented, 64 bit audio processor like no other. Brain science takes the lead in this subconscious signal generator that compels the listening to lean in and…engage!

The Quest
Since Edison’s first wax cylinders, the history of audio capture and playback can be summarized as the increasingly technical pursuit of a seemingly impossible goal: lifelike replication of the actual listening experience…The advent of digital technology, while solving many of the problems inherent in analog recording and playback, brought with it other challenges. At the same time, new enabling formats such as DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), along with consumer trends toward uncompressed HRA or High Resolution Audio releases of music catalogs have brought new levels of fidelity to the home. Yet, even the highest fidelity digital playback still exhibits a level of reserve that keeps the music at arm’s length, not always allowing it to embrace and move us. Low fidelity or hi–fi, analog or digital, FiDef makes for a deeper, more satisfying connection.

The Solution
While listening to a vaiety of recordings, an audio professional thought to himself, “Why do some recordings sound better than others?” He recruited an audio physicist and a musical neuroscientist while analyzing arrays of audio recordings to identify elements of sound that psychoacoustically engage the listener. Isolating the mechanism allowed them to develop a unique solution that synthesizes essential content from the material itself, inserting that dynamic information at low amplitude into the content. After years of development by a team of engineers with decades of industry experience, early in 2016 FideliQuest introduced FiDef™ audio processing, the first and only technology that restores what all recording and playback systems take away, whether analog or digital.

Think of a common, non–harmonic, sub–audible signal all good engineers use to linearize digital audio; dither. The FiDef system also generates an anharmonic, sub–audible broadband signal. The difference is that FiDef does not modify the music itself in any way but instead is added to the music. Also unlike dither, it is correlated to the source audio. This is not noise for noise’s sake. This is a dynamic, correlated and spectrally shaped signal. The signal, based on FideliQuest research into the human auditory system, is customized to directly stimulate the brain, bypassing cognitive processing. The manifold results include less brain activity required to process incoming stimuli, with a resulting increase in perceived nuance and tactility from music, speech and effects. FiDef informs your brain of the subtle potentials within a recording. Hear more of how the song was played, not recorded.

What’s New
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