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Metallurgy™ 系列放大器和效果器插件专为希望快速轻松地访问现代版本的经典和现代金属音色以及制作自己的原创音色的吉他手而创建。该集合捆绑了 Modern、Thrash 和 Doom 插件,这些插件也可以单独使用。

三个 Metallurgy Collection 插件具有来自屡获殊荣的 HX® 产品系列的放大器和效果器模型 – 确保出色的音质和动态响应能力。每个插件都有四种放大器类型,可以与八个扬声器箱中的任何一个配对。可以从包含八种麦克风类型的虚拟“麦克风柜”中选择两个麦克风,这些麦克风可以与立体声房间麦克风阵列组合。最多可以用两个第三方脉冲响应 (IR) 代替工厂麦克风。所有麦克风都可以以各种方式放置,4 段参数均衡器可让您进一步塑造箱体音色。还提供了四个前置放大器和三个后置放大器效果——包括复音音高变换——以及一个噪声门和一个半音调音器。


除了在任何 DAW 中用作 VST3、AU 或 AAX 插件外,Modern、Thrash 和 Doom 插件还可以作为独立的应用程序使用 – 使 Metallurgy Collection 成为可用的最通用的音色创建工具之一。


A Power Trio of Plugins for Metal Guitarists
The Metallurgy™ Collection of amplifier and effects plugins was created specifically for guitarists who wish to quickly and easily access contemporary versions of classic and modern metal tones—as well as craft original tones of their own. The collection bundles the Modern, Thrash, and Doom plugins, which are also available individually.

The three Metallurgy Collection plugins feature amplifier and effects models drawn from the award-winning HX® family of products—ensuring outstanding sound quality and dynamic responsiveness. Each of the plugins features four amplifier types that may be paired with any of eight speaker cabinets. Two microphones may be selected from a virtual “mic locker” containing eight microphone types, and these may be combined with a stereo room mic array. Up to two third-party impulse responses (IRs) may be substituted for the factory mics. All of the microphones may be positioned in various ways and a 4-band parametric EQ allows you to sculpt the cabinet tone even further. Four pre-amplifier and three post-amplifier effects are also provided—including polyphonic pitch-shifting—as are a noise gate and a chromatic tuner.

The amp, cab, and effects rigs appear much as they would in the analog world thanks to the plugins’ photorealistic user interfaces, making it fun and easy to tweak presets to suit your stylistic needs or assemble new rigs of your own.

In addition to being used as VST3, AU, or AAX plugins within any DAW, the Modern, Thrash, and Doom plugins also function as standalone applications—making the Metallurgy Collection one of the most versatile tone-creation tools available.