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Team DECiBEL | 02 Apr 2022 | 1.10GB

终于,理性的新打击乐器! 而且这不是另一组 808 个样本!

在这里,我们展示了一个可爱的马克树,这是一种在 1960 年代后期特别以现代音乐为主题的乐器。 也称为条形钟(但绝对不是风铃!),马克树是一系列小金属管,管子长度递减线性悬挂,只需用手指穿过它们即可产生上升或下降的不和谐滑音。

无论是为喧闹的转弯添加刺痛的纹理,还是构建华丽的闪闪发光的停止和停止,barCHIMES Concert Mark Tree 都会为您提供额外的专业光泽,它不仅仅是另一种过滤白噪声或随机 S&H 正弦波。

– 扫描、随机和单次点击
– 10 轮循环赛
– 调整速度、俯仰和阻尼


At last, a new percussion instrument for Reason! And it’s not another set of 808 samples!

Here we present a lovely Mark tree, an instrument created in the late 1960s expressly with modern music in mind. Also known as bar chimes (but definitely not windchimes!), the Mark tree is a series of small metal tubes hung linearly in decreasing tube length in order to produce rising or falling inharmonic glissandi simply by running a finger across them.

Whether it’s to add a tingling texture to tumultuous turnarounds, or constructing splendiferously sparkling stops and stalls, barCHIMES Concert Mark Tree gives you an extra professional sheen, one that isn’t merely another blast of filtered white noise, or random S&H sines.

– Sweeps, Randoms, and Single Hits
– 10 Round-Robins
– Adjust Speed, Pitch, and Damping