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RX 是屡获殊荣的音频修复套件,受到无数电影和电视节目的顶级后期制作工程师的信赖,可快速可靠地将受损、嘈杂的音频恢复到原始状态。完全控制您的音频,无论是使用 Dialogue Isolate 的机器学习从嘈杂的背景中提取对话,使用动态 De-hum 立即消除嗡嗡声和干扰,还是使用 Ambience Match 中的新复杂模式将以前不可能的环境与运动和纹理匹配——所有这些都具有多声道最高支持杜比全景声 7.1.2。


包括 RX Elements 中的所有内容。
新的!需要查看超过五个步骤的撤消历史记录?没问题。可扩展的历史列表现在显示多达 30 个撤消步骤,以供快速参考。
新的!使用基于 ARA 插件扩展的新频谱编辑器直接在 Logic® 中清理不需要的声音。选择噪声并将其移除,而无需在 Logic 和 RX 之间切换。
使用 Guitar De-noise 快速消除放大器嗡嗡声、吱吱声、品格噪音和其他吉他问题。
使用 Music Rebalance 隔离并移除人声或重新平衡混音元素。
使用 Batch Processor 更有效地处理多个文件或文件夹。
使用 Spectral Repair 的魔力消除噪音问题。
使用 De-bleed 模块去除乐器、点击轨道或人声出血。
28 个模块、14 个插件等等。


RX is the award-winning audio repair suite trusted by top post-production engineers on countless movies and TV shows to quickly and reliably restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Get full control over your audio whether extracting dialogue from noisy backgrounds with Dialogue Isolate’s machine learning, removing hum and interference instantly with dynamic De-hum, or matching previously impossible ambiences with movement and texture using the new complex mode in Ambience Match—all with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

Perfect for Music and Smaller Post-Production Studios and Home Environments

Includes everything in RX Elements.
NEW! Rollback an audio selection to any previous step in your History list to get the best combination of audio processing from any point in time with the brand-new Restore Selection feature
NEW! Need to view more than five steps of undo history? No problem. The expandable History list now shows up to 30 undo steps for quick reference.
NEW! Clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic® using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension. Select noise and remove it without having to toggle between Logic and RX.
Quickly remove amp hum, squeaks, fret noise, and other guitar issues with Guitar De-noise.
Isolate and remove vocals or rebalance mix elements with Music Rebalance.
Prepare your processed files for delivery with Loudness Control.
Process multiple files or folders more efficiently with Batch Processor.
Independently adjust time and pitch with Variable Time and Variable Pitch.
Eliminate noise issues with the magic of Spectral Repair.
Remove instrument, click-track, or vocal bleed with the De-bleed module.
Easily fix vocal issues like sibilance, plosives, breaths, and mouth clicks.
Instantly repair multiple files at once with Composite View.
28 modules, 14 plug-ins, and much more.