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Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 for Cubase|Samples, presets, patches, impulses| 465 MB

Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 包含 9000 多个专业构建的清晰度切换模板,可用于 Logic、Cubase 和 Cakewalk。 新版本增加了对 86 个额外样本库的支持,使总数达到惊人的 605 个。

许多库已经添加(例如 Sine 播放器库现在支持变体切换),或者进行了更新。 还有很多小的改进和错误修复,再次感谢所有让我们注意到小精灵的人。

现在所有的表达式映射都有一个空的第一个插槽。 这样您就可以录制旋律,而无需 Cubase 切换回 Long 发音。
最后但并非最不重要的一点是,我们几乎重做了所有可以从快照中受益的库。 由于默认情况下未加载发音而丢失发音的日子已经一去不复返了。


Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 is a collection of over 9000 professionally build articulation switching templates available for Logic, Cubase and Cakewalk. The new release adds support for 86 additional sample libraries bringing the total to staggering count of 605.

Many libraries have received addition (such as Sine player libraries support variation switching now), or were updated. There were also a lot of little enhancements and bug fixes, thanks again for everybody who brought a little gremlin to our attention.

All expression maps feature an empty first slot now. This way you can record a melody without Cubase switching back to the Long articulation.
Last but not least we redid practically every library which could benefit from Snapshots. Gone are the days where articulations were missing because they were not loaded by default.

Additional content in Art Conductor 8:
8Dio Aura Excotic Studio Percussion 1
8Dio Majestica 2 Snapshot
8Dio Misfit Harmonica
8Dio Quanun Snapshots
8Dio Sample Aid Studio Series Fire Trumpet
8Dio Studio Saxophones Snapshot
8Dio Studio Solo Cello Snapshot
8Dio Studio Sopranos
8Dio The Forgotten Voices Cait

Ample Sound Ample Bass Acoustic
Ample Sound Ample Bass J
Ample Sound Ample Bass P
Ample Sound Ample Bass Y
Ample Sound Ample Bass JF
Ample Sound Ample Bass Metal R
Ample Sound Ample Bass Upgright
Ample Sound China Dongxiao
Ample Sound China Pipa
Ample Sound China Qudi
Ample Sound China Zheng
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Ethno Banjo
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Ethno Ukulele
Ample Sound Slide Lapsteel
Ample Sound Ample Guitar LP
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Metal Eclipse
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Metal Hellrazer
Ample Sound Ample Guitar PF
Ample Sound Ample Guitar SC
Ample Sound Ample Guitar SH Semi Hollow
Ample Sound Ample Guitar SJ
Ample Sound Ample Guitar TC
Ample Sound Ample Guitar L
Ample Sound Ample Guitar M
Ample Sound Ample Guitar T
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Twelve
Ample Sound Ample Guitar VC

Audio Imperia Areia Lite Edition
Audio Imperia Nucleus Lite Edition
Audio Imperia Solo

Audiobro LASS3 Snapshot

Best Service Celtic Era
Best Service Dark Era
Best Service Medieval Legends

Cinesamples Tina Guo Legato

Embertone Arnold Series Shan Bawu

Heavyocity Forzo Essentials

Ilya Efimov Bawu
Ilya Efimov Duduk
Ilya Evimov Rock Bass

Impact Soundworks Django
Impact Soundworks Straight Ahead Jazz Horns
Impact Soundworks Tokyo Scoring Strings Snapshots
Impact Soundworks Ventus Native American Flutes
Impact Soundworks Ventus Tin Whistle Snapshots
Impact Soundworks Ventus Winds Duduk

Orangetree Evolution Vintage Gent

Orchestraltools Andea SineSnapshots
Orchestraltools Berlin Brass Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Berlin Percussion Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Berlin Strings Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Berlin Woodwinds Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Metropolis Ark 3 Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Metropolis Ark 4 Sine Snapshots
Orchestraltools Metropolis Ark 5 Sine Snapshots

Project Sam Symphobia 1 2.0
Project Sam True Strike 1 2.0

Prominy Hummingbird

Sonica Koto 13
Sonica Shakuhashi
Sonica Sho
Sonica Tsugaru Shamisen

Sonivox Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings

Sonokinetics Orchestral Strings
Sonokinetics Orchestral Strings Sordino
Sonokinetics Oud
Sonokinetics Woodwind Ensembles

Sonuscore The Orchestra 2

Spitfire Abbey Road 2 Core
Spitfire Abbey Road 2 Professional
Spitfire Abbey Road Selections Grand Brass
Spitfire Abbey Road Selections Vibrant Reeds
Spitfire Aperture
Spitfire Clarvis Scraped Percussion
Spitfire Hammers
Spitfire Ricotti Mallets

VSL Synchron Woodwinds