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清晰的语音是流媒体内容、电影和电视的音频叙事中最重要的元素。 Nuendo 12 包含许多新功能和改进,以帮助确保对话不仅被清晰地听到,而且声音设计师和后期制作工作室可以尽可能快速、准确和高效地工作。 凭借用于对话录制和编辑、制作基于耳机的双耳混音等头条新闻的新功能,Nuendo 12 可以真正被称为对话之家。



Nuendo 12 内容 = Cubase Pro 12 内容 + 额外
查看我们的 Cubase Pro 12 内容发布以了解其余部分。


Clear speech is the most essential element in the audio narrative of streamed content, film and television. Nuendo 12 includes many new features and improvements to help make sure that dialogue is not only clearly heard, but sound designers and post-production studios can work as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. With headline new features for dialogue recording and editing, producing headphone-based binaural mixes and more, Nuendo 12 can truly be called the Home of Dialogue.

A witch says,

Nuendo 12 Content = Cubase Pro 12 Content + Extra
This release only contains that ‘Extra’ part.
Check our Cubase Pro 12 Content release for the rest part.