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了解如何在 StudioOne 中仅使用库存插件制作出色的混音。了解何时、为何以及如何使用混音工具,并将它们完美地应用到您的音乐中。了解如何分析您的项目以识别和解决混合问题。创建您自己独特的方法,每次都能实现完美的混音。


不要在 Ableton、Logic 或其他软件中教授混音的课程上浪费时间。你必须去搜索“但是我如何在 Studio One 中做到这一点?”每一分钟。本课程专为 Studio One 用户设计,因此不会造成混淆,也无需搜索。


向经验丰富的专业人士和经验丰富的老师学习。我为每一种可以想象的媒体混合了音乐,从故事片到唱歌的婴儿玩具以及介于两者之间的一切。我教音乐技术已经 20 年了。我很乐意回答您的问题,并为您的歌曲/混音提供公正的反馈。


•仅使用 Studio One 的库存插件制作出色的混音


Learn how to make awesome mixes in Studio One, using only stock plug-ins. Understand when, why and how mixing tools are used and apply them perfectly to your music. Learn how to analyze your projects to identify and solve mixing problems. Create your own unique approach to achieve perfect mixes every time.

In this course, you will understand the basic science behind mixing (they don’t call them “Mixing Engineers” for nothing, you know!), then you will analyze the artistic aspect of mixing to see how it integrates into the music creation process. You will develop a broad perspective which you will then apply authoritatively to your own projects.

Don’t waste your time on courses that teach mixing in Ableton, Logic or other software. You’ll have to go searching “but how do I do this in Studio One?” every minute. This course is designed specifically for Studio One users so there’s no confusion and no searching.

For the practice section of this course, you can either use your own projects or download the tracks that I’ll be using, and follow along. It’s a song that I wrote and produced exclusively for this course, and goes from trap to rock in a matter of minutes, to cover a variety of scenarios. The skills you will acquire in this course are not specific to any genre.

Learn from a seasoned pro and experienced teacher. I have mixed music for every conceivable media, from feature films to singing baby toys and everything in between. I have been teaching music technology for 20 years. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and to give you unbiased feedback on your songs/mixes.

Enroll now to give your productions the awesome mixes that they deserve!

What you’ll learn
•Make awesome mixes using only stock plugins of Studio One
•Understand the art and science behind mixing
•Develop skills to get great results, regardless of genre
•Understand signal processors – why, when and how to use them