Team R2R | 2022.04.28 | 522.23 MB

Cubase 指导您的音乐制作之旅
您想开始创作自己的音乐,将您的作品提升到专业水平,还是在较短的期限内简化您的工作流程?无论您需要什么,Cubase 都能帮助您充分发挥创意潜力。从好莱坞大片作曲家和 Billboard Hot 100 制作人一直到热心的初学者,音乐制作世界都信任我们广受好评的音乐制作软件的全面功能集、简单的工具和无与伦比的声音。



* 不需要 SteinbergLibraryMangager(可选)。
* 不需要 SteinbergActivationManager。
* 加载速度比合法版本快。
* 与其他合法 Silk 和 Silk 驱动的应用程序没有兼容性问题。

阅读包含的 R2R.txt 以了解如何安装。

阅读我们模拟器的 NFO 以了解更多关于我们的模拟器版本的信息。


Cubase Guides You on Your Music Production Journey
Do you want to start creating your own music, bring your production up to a professional level, or streamline your workflow for short deadlines? Whatever you need, Cubase helps you to reach your full creative potential. From Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers right through to keen beginners, the world of music production trusts the comprehensive feature set, straightforward tools and unrivaled sound of our acclaimed music production software.

The reference standard for music productoin software
Produce tracks form start to finish
Suitable for all qenres, levels and budqets
Fast, flexible and intuitive workflows

A witch says,

* No SteinbergLibraryMangager is required (optional).
* No SteinbergActivationManager is required.
* Loads faster than legit version.
* No compatiblity issue with other legit Silk and Silk powered apps.

Read included R2R.txt to see how to install.

Read NFO of our emulator to know more about our emulator releases.