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Drum Tools 是一个强大的多效果插件,它提供了您手头所需的关键组件,可帮助任何工程师轻松塑造完美的鼓声!它包括离散建模的晶体管、磁带和电子管类型算法等等,以增强您的鼓音轨,并为它们提供您在专业录音中听到的独特色彩和氛围。

Drum Tools 包含所有 Nomad Factory 商标效果; Gate、Expander、Compressor、Convolution Reverb、High Pass、Low Pass Filters 和令人惊叹的调谐均衡器和 Kit Piece 参考预设。 Drum Tools 为您提供了“将您的鼓完美混合”的方法!

此外,您可以使用在成功的 Bus Driver 插件中听到的 DLA2A NF 类型压缩器。这款独特的复古压缩器将为您的 Drums 注入活力,让它们更有冲击力,并为您的音轨添加坚实的特性。而且,您现在可以使用高效的输出级“软限幅器”将所有这些控制推到极限,这将确保您永远不会超过“0dB”,避免不必要的数字失真。


Drum Tools 正是为此目的而制作的,为您的鼓提供强大/现代的声音。

凭借其预调的预设和一整套声音塑造工具,您最终将能够在一个简单、紧凑的插件 UI 中混合您的鼓并将它们制作成专业标准。您将可以控制可以赋予您创意优势的元素,并将您的鼓提升到一个全新的水平。


Drum Tools is a powerful multi-fx plug-in that provides the key components you need-at-hand to help any engineer sculpt perfect drum sounds with ease! It includes discretely modeled transistors, tape and tube type algorithms and much more to enhance your Drum tracks, and give them that unique color and vibe you hear on professional recordings.

Drum Tools includes all the Nomad Factory trademark effects; Gate, Expander, Compressor, Convolution Reverb, High Pass, Low Pass Filters and amazingly well Tuned EQs and Kit Piece reference presets. Drum Tools gives you the means to “Mix your Drums to perfection!”

In addition, you can use the DLA2A NF type compressor as heard in the successful Bus Driver plug-in. This unique vintage compressor will breath life into your Drums, make them punchy and add a solid character that will define your tracks. And, you can now push all of these controls to the limit using the efficient output stage ‘soft clipper’ that will ensure you never go over “0dB”, avoiding unwanted digital distortion.

If you want to have a successful mix out today, your Drum sounds had better sound amazing, punchy, have clarity, and sit “in the mix!”

Drum Tools was made exactly for that purpose, to give your Drums a powerful/modern sound.

With its pre-tuned presets and complete set of sound-shaping tools, you will finally be able to mix your Drums and craft them to a pro standard in a simple, compact, one plug-in UI. You will have control over the elements that can give you the creative edge and take your Drums to a whole new level.