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Analog Studio Rack 是一个“模块化机架”,提供热插拔 500 系列风格的均衡器、压缩器、门限、激励器和电子管驱动前置放大器;完美的多合一通道条!

灵感来自经典著名的英国调音台的门限/扩展器、压缩/限制器、总线压缩器和均衡器、改进的激励器、电子管驱动前置放大器和另一个 1950 年代中期著名的均衡器,AS-Rack 汇集了一套 7模块经过专业调整,听起来很悦耳。真正的模拟在盒子里!

6个主要模块中的每一个都可以通过简单的拖放以任意顺序放置,让您在机架空间设计中自由尝试不同的组合;均衡器之前或之后的压缩器,压碎压缩器之后的门控效果……所有这些现在都可以自定义您的音调和源素材,每个模块都有各种视图,用于增益降低、频谱和 1/3 八度音程。



Analog Studio Rack is a “Modular Rack” that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp; the perfect all-in-one channel strip!

Inspired by a classic and famous British console for its Gate/Expander, Comp/Limiter, Bus Compressor and EQ, a modified Exciter, a Tube Driven Pre-Amp and another famous mid 1950’s EQ, the AS-Rack brings together a suite of 7 modules expertly tuned to sound musical. True analog in the box!

Each of the 6 main modules can be placed in any order with simple drag and drop, allowing you the freedom within a rack space design to try different combinations; Compressor before or after EQ, Gate after a crushed Compressor for effect… All of this is now possible to customize your tone and source material, with various views available per module for gain reduction, spectrum and 1/3 octave.

The plug-in comes with an array of presets specifically designed for various instruments as your starting point. Utilize them in your mixes, tweak, create your own as single module presets or global.