P2P | 4 May 2022 | macOS : 546 MB / WiN : 626 MB

1.2 GB 可用磁盘空间,4 GB RAM(推荐 8 GB 或更多)。
工作的 EZbass 1.0.6(或更高版本)安装。




贝司、预设和 MIDI,适用于从微妙到摇滚的美式风格。

尽管它的立足点深深植根于民谣、福音、蓝调、灵魂、乡村、爵士乐和摇滚歌曲创作传统,但美国音乐一直在不断发展并成为一个巨大的保护伞,任何不完全符合商业乡村音乐模式的东西都可以蓬勃发展。此 EBX 专为您提供适用于所有这些场景的主力型扩展 – 从小型和声学设置到全电岩石仪器。

Americana EBX 带有经典的美国品牌贝司,以两种根本不同的方式进行采样:一种是使用传统的手指演奏风格,另一种是使用橡胶泡沫使琴弦静音并用拇指敲击。

除了声音之外,还包括广泛的预设集合以及自定义的 MIDI 贝斯线库。

如果您希望通过适用于任何场景的牛仔裤和 T 恤类型的扩展来提升您的 EZbass,就是这样。没有多余的装饰或额外的东西,只有古老的摇滚乐,民谣,福音,蓝调,以及可以追溯到美国的整个风格马赛克。

• 精心捕捉的 60 年代后期电贝司吉他
•灵感来自 70 年代至今的美国音乐
• 适合从微妙的原声音乐到全面的摇滚设置
•带有“Clean DI”(直接输入)预设选项,便于外部处理
•包括一个受经典和现代美国音乐启发的自定义 MIDI 库


Toontrack 声音设计团队在贝斯世界中寻找一种可以被称为 Americana 的乐器时,他们的耳朵可以集中在该流派的保护伞下的各种风格。

EZbass 首席音响设计师 Ulf Edlund 评论说:“鉴于这种 Americana 涵盖了从小型原声到响亮的全电子摇滚乐队乐器的任何东西,我们需要一种在每个世界都有立足之地的贝司。”

有问题的乐器当然是 Fender Telecaster Bass。* 为这款 EBX 采样的特定型号源于 Fender 于 1968 年推向市场的这一新贝司系列中的第一批产品。或者也许应该说重新引入 – Telecaster 是实际上基于 1951 年现在标志性的 Precision Bass 的第一个和废弃的演绎。这使得 Telecaster Bass 成为有史以来第一个 Fender* 再版。

这个原始版本的 Telecaster 拥有厚实的平板式琴身、单线圈拾音器以及大型镀铬琴桥和拾音器盖,一直持续到 70 年代初。之后,对其进行了如此重大的更改,以至于它本质上是一种新工具。

欢迎将这种乐器的变色龙添加到您的音色工具箱中 – 一种贝司可以无缝地在胆怯和响亮之间移动而不会做出任何妥协,并且只是根据自己的条件进行调整,就像美式风格本身一样。


由于 Americana EBX 开始捕捉最广泛的流派定义,它既包括使用靠近琴桥的传统手指风格(“手指”)采样的选项,也包括使用靠近颈部的拇指一起录制的选项在琴弦之间安装了橡胶泡沫(“拇指静音”)。这为您提供了两种完全相反的声音方法来处理同一乐器 – 一种开放且圆润,具有丰富的延音,另一种干燥、低沉且几乎没有任何衰减。

“当以某种方式演奏时,这种贝司几乎具有音质,反之亦然,当以另一种方式演奏时,它听起来又大又回响。这是我真的认为我们设法用这两种根本不同的技术捕捉到的东西,”Ulf Edlund 评论道。

包含的预设主要在圆形、温暖和中中心设置上进行磨练,为您提供完美的音色调色板,可以追溯到从汤姆佩蒂和尼尔杨的摇摆声音到更裸露的骨头类型的方法中听到的任何东西Emmylou Harris 和 Gillian Welch 的歌曲。为了进一步为您提供简单的外部处理选项,当然包括“手指”和“拇指静音”选项的干净直接输入 (DI) 预设。


包含的 MIDI 库提供了受当时和现在的美国音乐启发的基本贝斯曲目曲目。期待一个基本的集合,您可以使用 EZbass 中的板载 MIDI 功能来自定义、切片和切块以适合您已经编写的歌曲或用作您尚未编写的作品的创意跳板。



The bass, the presets and the MIDI for anything from subtle to rocking Americana.

Although it’s had its foothold deeply rooted in the folk, gospel, blues, soul, country, jazz and rock songwriting tradition, Americana music has kept evolving and become a huge umbrella under which anything that doesn’t quite fit the commercial country music mold can thrive. This EBX was tailored to bring you a workhorse-type expansion that functions in all these scenarios – for anything from small and acoustic setups to full-on electric rock instrumentations.

The Americana EBX comes with a classic American brand bass sampled in two fundamentally different ways: one by using a traditional finger playing style and the other by muting the strings with rubber foam and striking with the thumb.

In addition to the sounds, a broad collection of presets as well as a custom MIDI library of basslines are included.

If you’re looking to boost your EZbass with a jeans-and-t-shirt-type expansion that works in any scenario, this is it. No frills or extras, just good old rock and roll, folk, gospel, blues and, well, the entire mosaic of styles that can be traced back to Americana.

•A meticulously captured late-’60s electric bass guitar
•Inspired by Americana music of the ’70s through to today
•Ideal for anything from subtle and acoustic music to full-on rock setups
•Includes finger and muted thumb options as well as a broad set of articulations for both
•Offering a range from D1 to E4
•Includes a wealth of presets for a wide range of tones
•Comes with ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset options for easy external processing
•Includes a custom MIDI library inspired by classic and modern Americana music

An true classic.

When scouring the world of basses for an instrument that could rightfully be dubbed Americana, the Toontrack Sound Design team had their ears set on one that could muster the vast range of styles that huddle up under the genre’s umbrella.

“Seeing as this Americana encompasses anything from small and acoustic to loud, full-on electric rock band instrumentations, we needed a bass that had a leg in each world, so to speak,” comments Ulf Edlund, EZbass lead sound designer.

The instrument in question is of course a Fender Telecaster Bass.* The specific model sampled for this EBX stems from the very first batch in this new line of basses that Fender brought to market in 1968. Or maybe one should say reintroduced – the Telecaster was actually based on the very first and discarded rendition of the now-iconic Precision Bass from 1951. This makes the Telecaster Bass the first-ever Fender* reissue.

This original version of the Telecaster, with its hefty slab-style body, single-coil pickup and large chrome bridge and pickup covers, lasted until the early ‘70s. After that, changes so substantial were made to it that it essentially was a new instrument.

Welcome to add this chameleon of an instrument to your toolbox of tones – a bass that seamlessly can move between timid and loud without making any compromises and simply just adapts on its own terms, much like the Americana genre itself.

Since the Americana EBX sets out to capture the broadest possible definition of the genre, it includes both an option sampled using the traditional finger style (‘Finger’) close to the bridge as well as one that was recorded using the thumb near the neck together with rubber foam mounted between the strings (‘Thumb Muted’). This gives you two completely opposite sonic approaches to the same instrument – one open and round with an abundance of sustain and one that is dry, muffled and virtually void of any decay.

“When played a certain way, this bass has an almost acoustic quality to it and, vice versa, when played in another way, it sounds big and reverberant. This is something I really think we managed to capture with these two fundamentally different techniques,” comments Ulf Edlund.

The included presets primarily hone in on round, warm and mid-centric settings, giving you a perfect palette of tones that can be traced back to anything from the rocking sound of Tom Petty and Neil Young to the more bare bones-type approach heard in songs by the likes of Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch. To further give you the option of easy external processing, clean direct input (DI) presets for both the ‘Finger’ and ‘Thumb Muted’ options are of course included.

The included MIDI library presents a repertoire of basic basslines inspired by Americana music of then and now. Expect a fundamental collection that you can use the onboard MIDI features in EZbass to customize, slice and dice to fit your already written songs or use as a creative springboard for your yet-to-be-written pieces.

1.2 GB free disk space, 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
A working EZbass 1.0.6 (or above) installation.

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