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AR1 是一个算法混响插件,旨在在所有类型的乐器上听起来都很棒。 AR1 在钢琴、铃铛、吉他和人声上听起来很棒,而且在合成器主音等合成声音上也很出色。我们已经调整和测试了数千小时,以使这种声音适合您想要扔给它的任何声源。


AR1 Reverb 让您能够通过非常简单的控件来创建自己喜欢的空间。我们希望这是您获得高质量混响的首选插件。 AR1 听起来很棒,并且易于使用,具有令人愉悦的高清界面。请务必尝试演示并亲自查看。

* 早期尺寸:这控制任何早期反射的距离或尺寸。
* Early Level:控制 Early size 控制对混响整体声音的影响程度。
* Size:增加混响空间的大小,也有使混响尾音持续时间更长的效果。
* 宽度:立体声宽度,0% 时混响将完全为单声道,丢失所有立体声信息。在 100% 时,混响在立体声场中听起来尽可能宽。
* 预延迟:AR1 混响响应延迟了预延迟量,以毫秒为单位。这可以产生更大空间的效果,或者听起来更自然。声音的反射通常需要一些时间才能到达耳朵。使用预延迟设置确切的数量。
* 带宽:减少混响中的高频量。这会使混响听起来“更柔和”,想想在一个有柔软家具和地毯的空间里,而不是在一个有很多硬表面的厨房或浴室里。
* 阻尼:这控制混响中的高频随时间消散的速度。更多的阻尼将使混响听起来更柔和,整体混响的音量也会降低得更快。高阻尼意味着混响会很快被房间吸收,并且不会产生太多的混响。
* 调制:为混响尾音添加一点音高调制。
* 混合:控制有多少原始音频与混响混合。设置为 100 wet 以仅获得 AR1 混响尾音。


AR1 is an algorithmic reverb plugin designed to sound great on all types of instruments. AR1 sounds amazing on Pianos, Bells, Guitars, and Vocals, but also on more synthetic sounds like Synthesizer leads. We have tweaked and tested for thousands of hours to get this sounding just right for any sound source you care to throw at it.

A Reverb plugin is used to make instruments sound like they are being played in a real place (Hall, Stadium etc) , an algorithmic (ie realtime) reverb has to recreate this very convincingly or it will just sound “wrong” or fake.

AR1 Reverb gives you the ability to create a space of your liking with very simple to use controls. We want this to be your go to plugin for quality reverberation. AR1 sounds great and is easy to use with a high definition interface that is pleasing to work with. Be sure to try the demo and see for yourself.

* Early Size: This controls the distance or size for any early reflections.
* Early Level: Controls how much of an effect the Early size control has on the overall sound of the reverb.
* Size: Increases the size of the reverb space, also has the effect of making the reverb tail last longer.
* Width: Stereo width, at 0% the reverb will be completely mono, losing all stereo information. At 100% the reverb sounds as wide as possible in the stereo field.
* Pre delay: AR1 reverbs response is delayed by the pre delay amount in milliseconds. This can give the effect of an even larger space or just sound more natural. Reflections of sound usually takes some time to reach the ear. Set the exact amount with pre delay.
* Bandwidth: Reduces the amount of high frequencies in the reverb. This would make the reverb sound ‘softer’ , think being in a space with soft furnishings and carpets, as opposed to say a kitchen or bathroom with lots of hard surfaces.
* Damping: This controls how fast the high frequencies in the reverb dissipate over time. More damping will make the reverb sound softer and the overall reverb will appear to decrease in volume faster too. High damping means the reverb is absorbed very quickly by the room and doesn’t reverberate as much.
* Modulation: Adds a little pitch modulation to the reverb tail.
* Mix: Controls how much of the original audio is mixed with the reverberation. Set to 100 wet to get only the AR1 Reverb tail.