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Groove Agent 5 专为词曲作者和节拍制作人设计,包含最好的电子和原声鼓。 Groove Agent 中最详细的原声鼓组之一与各种打击乐器、现代电子鼓和 MIDI 凹槽一起使用,为从爵士、放克和摇滚到 Trap 和 EDM 的各种流派的制作人提供了一个鼓舞人心的节奏作曲工具.支持 VST、AU 和 AAX 插件格式意味着 Groove Agent 5 几乎可以与任何 DAW 一起使用。

The Kit 中的新原声鼓
该套件为 Groove Agent 带来了美妙的新原声鼓音色,包括 Pearl kick 和 snare、四个 Yamaha Maple Custom 嗵、来自 Zildjian、Istanbul Ride 和 Paiste 飞溅镲片的四个镲片——所有这些都使用高端 Neumann 麦克风和外置设备在柏林 Teldex 录制工作室,包括其经典的混响室。 “The Kit”带有 47 种发音、五个循环和多达 20 种力度,最重要的是,它的声音非常通用,可以在混音中向任何方向推动。

超过 30 款适用于 EDM、Trap 和其他风格的新套件
所有新套件都是由顶级电子艺术家为 Groove Agent 5 创作的,包括 Rawtekk、Audeka、zKlang、Joe Ford 和许多其他年轻而渴望的制作人。除了节拍模式,Beat Agent 套件现在还包括贝斯、小旋律部分、杂项打击和其他噪音等样本。另一个好消息是,您现在还可以使用 Style Player for Beat Agent。

Groove Agent 5 为词曲作者提供了 20 种新的 MIDI 风格,包括前奏、尾奏、填充和不同的复杂性。它们涵盖了一系列流派,包括摇滚、前卫摇滚、蓝调摇滚、另类摇滚、独立、放克、灵魂乐、爵士乐、交叉和雷鬼,每种风格都由顶级鼓手演奏,并专门为 The Kit 混音。

使用 Decompose 进行声音设计
Decompose 是声音设计师的梦想!有了它,您可以加载样本并轻松地将其分离为其音调和噪声分量。完成此操作后,您可以轻松地将每个部分拖放到 Groove Agent 打击垫上,以对鼓进行分层,从而创造出无穷无尽的可能性。试想一下,将肥厚的 808 底鼓音色与 909 军鼓的噪音结合起来。或者带有声学踩镲噪音的电子军鼓。

通过更改样本的音高包络来创建新的激动人心的鼓声。如果您想创建 drop 和 build up 或者如果您想对预先录制的鼓进行音高调整,这对于 EDM 音乐尤其有用。结合新的 Decompose,您还可以分别调制音调和噪音的音高——这是处理鼓声的一种非常独特的方法。


Designed for both songwriters and beat producers, Groove Agent 5 includes the very best of electronic and acoustic drums. One of the most detailed acoustic drum kits ever featured in Groove Agent sits alongside a wide variety of percussion, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves, delivering an inspirational rhythmic composition tool for producers in every genre, from jazz, funk and rock to Trap and EDM. Support for VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats means Groove Agent 5 can be used with virtually any DAW.

New acoustic drums in The Kit
The Kit brings fantastic new acoustic drum sounds to Groove Agent, including Pearl kick and snare, four Yamaha Maple Custom toms, four cymbals from Zildjian, Istanbul ride and Paiste splash cymbals — all recorded with high-end Neumann microphones and outboard gear in Berlin’s Teldex Studios, including its classic reverb chamber. ‘The Kit’ comes with 47 articulations, five round robins and up to 20 velocities and, most importantly, a sound that is very versatile and can be pushed in any direction in your mix.

More than 30 new kits for EDM, Trap and other styles
All new kits have been created for Groove Agent 5 by top electronic artists including Rawtekk, Audeka, zKlang, Joe Ford and a number of other young and hungry producers. As well as beat patterns, Beat Agent kits also now include samples like basses, small melody parts, miscellaneous hits and other noises. Further great news is that you can now also use the Style Player for Beat Agent.

Exciting new styles for songwriters
Groove Agent 5 features 20 new MIDI Styles for songwriters, including intro, outro, fills and different complexities. They cover a range of genres, including rock, progressive rock, blues rock, alternative rock, indie, funk, soul, jazz, crossover and reggae, with every style played by a top drummer and exclusively mixed for The Kit.

Sound design with Decompose
Decompose is a sound designer’s dream! With it you can load a sample and easily separate it into its tonal and noise components. Once you’ve done that, you can easily drag and drop each part onto Groove Agent pads to layer your drums, creating an endless array of possibilities. Just imagine combining a fat 808 kick tone with the noise of a 909 snare. Or an electronic snare with the noise of an acoustic hi-hat.

Change the pitch of samples
Create new exciting drum sounds with changing the pitch envelope of a sample. This is especially great for EDM music if you want to create drops and build ups or if you want to do pitch adjustments of pre-recorded drums. Combined with the new Decompose you can also modulate the pitch of tone and noise separately – a very unique approach in working with drum sounds.