Pulsar Audio Pulsar Massive v1.0.8-R2R 被动EQ-VST5-娱乐音频资源分享平台

Pulsar Audio Pulsar Massive v1.0.8-R2R| 48.8MB

最完整的被动 EQ 插件。音乐性和直观性,是混音和母带制作的必备工具。

Pulsar Massive 是 Manley Massive Passive* EQ 的仿真器,世界上几乎每个母带工作室都有。这台机器被设计为过去 70 年来最好的无源均衡器的综合体,设计中的几个不同特征赋予它绝对独特的声音。





但我们将 Pulsar Massive 更进一步,添加了现代多功能 EQ 插件所期望的所有关键功能,包括用于快速工作流程的可视化曲线编辑和用于推动电感器和电子管饱和阶段以获得更多氛围的驱动参数.

The most complete passive EQ plugin. Musical and intuitive, a must-have for mixing and mastering.

Pulsar Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive* EQ that is present in almost every mastering studio in the world. This machine was designed as a synthesis of the best passive equalizers of the last 70 years, and several distinct features in the design give it an absolutely unique sound.

First of all, the fully parallel topology of the EQ gives completely different kind of response to a digital equalizer with the same settings. A parallel equalizer’s tonal corrections aren’t cumulative, but tend to interact with each other, resulting in a more intuitive and fluid way to shape the frequency spectrum.

As well as this, the whole equalization circuit of the original hardware is passive, and therefore has several inductors. These inductors, machined and wound specifically by the manufacturer, are responsible for a creamy, non-linear and organic sound due to the magnetic saturation they introduce.

Finally, the input, output, and internal gain stages are entirely tube and transformer operated, providing another step of warm and organic coloration.

Our software meticulously reproduces all these important aspects of the original hardware, but also offers an interface inspired by its ergonomics, which were much appreciated by its users.

But we’ve taken Pulsar Massive even further, adding all the key features you would expect from a modern, versatile EQ plugin, including visual curve editing for a fast workflow and a drive parameter to push the inductor and tube saturation stages harder for more vibe.